She Holds the Power: Belle Mariano Stars as the New Face of Smart Power All

She Holds the Power: Belle Mariano Stars as the New Face of Smart Power All


There’s a new level of power literally at the palm of Belle Mariano’s hand

It’s one thing to be an up-and-coming star in the wide industry that is show business, but it’s another to wield a new power that helps one go through different journeys that come with the territory, especially for someone as young as Belle Mariano. The 20-year old who started as a child star in Goin’ Bulilit around nine years ago is now one of the faces of this generation’s must-watch actresses. Shot to stardom as one of the leads of the 2021 hit series He’s Into Her, Belle is also on her way to having her name shine brighter by being the newest endorser of Smart’s Power All campaign.

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A well-connected day in the life

Unbeknownst to some, having “actress” as one’s job title comes with more than just memorizing lines and acting them out between action and cut. There’s quite a few downtimes, and it sometimes happens in the middle of shooting scenes, being on the hair and makeup chair, or while on the way to the next shoot location. This is when Belle takes advantage of the situation and goes on her phone to fill in her busy workday’s gaps. Apart from getting her daily dose of morning coffee, she’s also energized by tinkering with her phone to interact with her fans, listen to music, and stream videos on different social media apps. 

“Our smartphones are extensions of ourselves.”

Belle Mariano on considering her smartphone as an extension of herself

In Belle’s perspective, “Our most used apps reflect the passions and hobbies that are important to us.” While she enjoys scrolling through TikTok from time to time because she gets to spot the latest trends from one country to the next, she shared that her most used platforms are Instagram and Twitter since those are where her fans are very active.

A young girl’s power

The idea of having the power to do anything is somewhat of a frightening yet exciting thought. For Belle, meeting and connecting with all of her fans is at the top of her list should she be given the power to do so. Now, she definitely can as she has been granted the power to do what she wants thanks to Smart’s Power All campaign. “I feel excited and grateful because I’ve always wanted to endorse a brand I really trust and rely on.”

The He’s Into Her star is all about making use of the unlimited power she’s been given

Empowered like no other

Just like Belle, Smart prepaid subscribers have the power to do everything they want with the new Power All 99 that’s valid for seven days for only PHP 99. It comes with 8 GB worth of data for all apps and websites, as well as an unlimited use of TikTok and texts to all networks. To register, users can login to the GigaLife app, go on any digital wallet, dial *123#, or head to the nearest retailer or convenience store.

For more information, visit Smart’s Power All website.

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