She Made The List, But What Does It Mean For Heart Evangelista To Be Part Of Vogue 100?

She Made The List, But What Does It Mean For Heart Evangelista To Be Part Of Vogue 100?


Constantly proving that she’s more than just a mere fashionista, Heart Evangelista surprises and stuns by making it to the coveted Vogue 100.

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Heart Evangelista-Escudero has always been one of our favorite fashion and beauty purveyors in the country. With her tireless and tenacious pursuits, she has not only given herself a gust of wind to be lifted up in virtually every landscape she sets her sights on, she has also inadvertently and successfully put every woman on a pedestal to be aspired to: an established sophisticated figure whose voice is a force to be reckoned.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero featured as a real-life “Crazy Rich Asian” in Harper’s Bazaar US

Counting many accolades and efforts, Heart is finally cementing her status in the international scene, having finally been listed as part of the Vogue 100. To the unaware, it is a curated list of distinct and dynamic creative voices from around the globe that the iconic fashion publication finds riveting.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero at the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2020 Runway Show.

As the world of today is constantly changing, with the “landscapes of fashion and culture being radically re-imagined,” Vogue finds it fitting to highlight the new talents who are helping shape our society. Heart broke the news via an Instagram post captioned, “some news that I’ve been holding in for a while now that I can finally reveal—I was chosen to be part of Vogue 100!”

According to an article of Vogue when they initially debuted the list in 2018, the personalities featured are the ones who actually help shape their point-of-view of the fashion industry. While it may be odd for some to see Vogue sharing one of their secrets, they realized it is a must.

That’s because they believe that “change comes from everywhere, and that the tiniest gesture in the most obscure hamlet can come to disrupt the planet.” Hence, choosing the right personalities should not be taken lightly by Vogue’s digital editorial. After all, it must be approved by the famed Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour.

Heart Evangelista wearing Giambattista Valli x H&M shoot in Rome

So, Heart sincerely expressed her gratitude to the fashion publication and ended her caption, “This is such an honor, especially to be alongside other amazing individuals from all around the globe! I would like to thank the Vogue team and Anna Wintour for choosing me.”

In the long run, what the iconic fashion magazine wants everyone to know from its list is that “this is fashion in its purest form: head-spinning, spine-tingling, laughter-inducing, that big, courageous wow from which you can’t divert your gaze. This is what we dream of every day, and we hope you do too.”

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