Why You Should Shift To A Cashless Lifestyle With Metrobank’s PayNow

Why You Should Shift To A Cashless Lifestyle With Metrobank’s PayNow


The shift to the cashless lifestyle is the new modern way to shop with Metrobank’s PayNow that allows you to send money with your credit card to any local bank account instantly.

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Shopping online is at an all-time rise and contactless payments are the new norm. Any payment transaction that you usually do, you can now make online without stepping a foot outside your home. With this, it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that shifting to a cashless lifestyle is your best option right now. 

At the start of the quarantine, many businesses applied a ‘digital-payments-only’ scheme to avoid potential cross-contamination. Forcing all to adapt to the cashless lifestyle that has been going on for quite some time now. Even months after, and some businesses are now open to cash payments, many still choose to pay digitally. 

Before the rise of e-wallets, we already learned how to do online transactions with our credit cards. It was fast, easy and without the extra worry of the additional auto-debiting in our payments. Online transactions however can sometimes cause a bit of confusion with all the details needed and also takes too much time to fill up. More so, not all sellers even accept credit card payments.

That’s why Metrobank’s PayNow is a service that bring the convenience of a credit card to the digital payment scheme for an easier and safer transition to the cashless lifestyle.

Why Shift To The Digital Cashless Lifestyle?

The main advantage here is that as long as you have your phone, you have instantaneous access to money. It eliminates the extra step of going to the bank, the auto-debiting, and even swiping away with a credit card machine which is a huge plus in the sanitary department. The application also enables you to track and trace all you purchase for safer transactions, which you can pay for all at the same time by end of your whole billing cycle. It’s the new modern way to use your credit card. 

Metrobank’s PayNow

A service that makes your online payments easier to understand and safer to do. It allows Metrobank credit cardholders to easily transfer funds to a regular bank account to pay for purchases in real-time. Specifically perfect for the season as you check off your Christmas gift list to spoil your loved ones!

Chat Mia To Make The Switch

To use PayNow, meet Mia of Metrobank Card, the official chatbot of their Facebook page. Acting as your customer service, you can chat with her through FB Messenger and she will guide you through the application process for a credit card, any questions you may have, and all your PayNow requests.

The 3 Easy Steps

Here’s a quick and easy guide in using Metrobank’s PayNow service through chatting Mia of Metrobank Card on FB messenger:

1. Select PayNow and agree with their Terms and Conditions.

2. Log on and verify your account by entering your 16-digit Metrobank credit card number and OTP sent to your registered mobile number

3. Complete the transaction details and payment verification. Enter the OTP to verify the transaction. Once confirmed, you will receive an SMS to let you know that your PayNow transaction is successful.

Use PayNow by talking to @MiaOfMetrobankCard on Messenger and enjoy zero cash-in fees and processing fees until December 31, 2020. For more information, visit Metrobank Card’s website or follow them on Facebook.

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