SHISEIDO’s New Face Creams Are All About Harnessing Your Skin’s Power

SHISEIDO’s New Face Creams Are All About Harnessing Your Skin’s Power


Hydrating. Protective. Powerful. These are just some of the compelling abilities of SHISEIDO’s Essential Energy Hydrating Cream. Find out what more it can do, below.

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February is proving to be a big month for the sphere of beauty. Adding to the lengthy list of brands that have welcomed 2022 with exciting new products is SHISEIDO. Giving us all the more reasons to invest in our skin, the Japanese multinational cosmetic company launched their fresh new collection of face creams: the SHISEIDO Essential Energy Hydrating Cream and a Day Cream of the same variant.

Its colorfully-worded moniker is easily enough to catch anyone’s interest. However, what we and a lot of consumers are gushing about, are its powerful benefits and the jaw-dropping results that follow in no time. Best believe that after reading this article, you’ll be adding to cart these fresh releases.

Hydration is key to healthy skin—there’s no question there. It is also where the core of the mission of these newly launched face creams lies. In truly revolutionary technology, SHISEIDO was able to optimize a collation of natural ingredients that help to harness your skin’s power to hydrate constantly.

Still not convinced? Here’s a lowdown on SHISEIDO’s new Power Partners, what they offer and proof of their magic.

SHISEIDO Essential Energy Hydrating Cream

When you use this, your skin’s vocabulary will eradicate the words, “superficial” or “surface-level”. Because hydration is no trivial matter, your glow roots from the deep layers of skin. From epidermis to the dermis, this cream works hard for you.

Shiseido Essential Energy Cream

All thanks to SHISEIDO’s LifebloodTM and the hefty amount of Hyaluronic Acid present, the 24hr moisture makes achieving a healthy glow that persists an easy feat. One dab of this airy soft-textured cream will immediately pump your skin with loads of moisture.

You don’t even have to worry about whether this will be compatible with your skin because it caters to all types. Hydrated and fresh with powerful skin? Sounds good to us.

SHISEIDO Essential Energy Hydrating Day Cream

This variant is fairly similar to the first. It is also powered by LifebloodTM, contains Hyaluronic Acid and its cause is all about hydrating your skin, too. Contrasting the initial product, this is for day use. Hence, the texture of the cream is less dense in comparison. Refreshing as ever, it feels like a light splash of water.

If you’re one to use day creams before heading out, it also protects you from the sun’s harsh UV rays with its SPF20+ PA+++. Are you prone to blackheads or harsh reactions to pollution? Good news! This is non-comedogenic—meaning it won’t get in the way of your pores and clog it with pesky dirt.

Shiseido Essential Energy Cream

While both products cater to all skin types, the Essential Energy Hydrating Day Cream is highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin.

Power In Results

The power of these two new creams are far from imaginary. In fact, there are hard numbers to prove that they put out impeccable results. SHISEIDO’s survey comprised of 107 healthy female adults aged 25 to 39 years old who consistently used the product for merely 14 days showed the following:

  • 71% agreed that their noticeable pores have visibly minimized
  • 73% said that their fine lines already look less visible
  • 85% shared that their skin now feels more healthy and appears more vibrant
  • 78% believed that using the product makes their skin glow

On top of those, many also reported that their skin barrier’s function improved significantly. This translates to the skin’s better ability to prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and the penetration of harmful compounds via the face’s epidermis. In layman’s term, that means it regulates water loss from your body, leaving you with hydrated glowing skin.

The results also showed that 90+% of the 197-comprised consumer study felt comforted, uplifted and clean immediately after using the products. This positive and happy feeling can be accounted to the natural ingredients found in the creams, such as lemon oil and pepper oil.

Power With A Cause

SHISEIDO really came to terms with the famous superhero saying, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” More than the life-changing benefits offered, the product’s packaging is sustainable. As compared to its usual form, it now sports a look that reduces 81% plastic waste. And to maintain the commitment to earth-friendly practices, both the Essential Energy Hydrating Cream and Essential Energy Hydrating Day Cream are refillable and utilize the old container.

Still not convinced? Watch reviews from people who’ve tried and tested it, below.

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Add to cart both creams in LazMall and get freebies and 20% off when you pre-order now and check out on February 19. They’re also available at SHISEIDO’s official website, Rustan’s and other stores nationwide.

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