Short Girls, You Might Be Dressing Wrong For Your Height

Short Girls, You Might Be Dressing Wrong For Your Height


Short girls listen up—if you’re below 5’4, you may find that it’s hard to wear certain trends. While being a bit on the shorter side isn’t necessarily the actual issue, you can change the way you appear by knowing what not to wear. Sometimes you may find that your clothes don’t look right and this might be because you’re wearing the wrong trends. The trick is to avoid certain prints and knowing the right silhouettes. Ultimately, it all comes down to setting and following particular fashion guidelines. After all, nothing beats knowing yourself well enough in order to nail any type of dressing.

Here are some tricks to help all you petite girls out there:


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Instead of oversized layering, try tailored layering like suiting separates. If you’re more of a streetwear girl, you can still incorporate street pieces such as pairing a hoodie with a blazer. The thing with oversized layering is that it can be overtly drapey and has a tendency to look overwhelming on a short stature.


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Instead of boxy tops, try corsets and structured shaping for that cinched waist. Wear a corset with your button downs and dresses to avoid looking frumpy.


Instead of printed jumpsuits, try going for one-color looks or solid colored one pieces. This gives the illusion of elongated legs, and even more if you go for straight leg trousers instead of boyfriend-fit ones.


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Instead of wide-leg trousers, try cropped flares of tailored trousers. Ankle length trousers are your best bet and if you choose to wear boots, go for ankle booties instead of mid-calf ones.


Photo From Collage Vintage

Instead of ankle-strap heels, try those with a low-cut vamp such as v-shaped flats or mules. Taking a page from Raven, a drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race, ankle straps have a tendency to make your legs look stumpy especially if you’re on the shorter side. So ditch them and go for a low-cut shoe.

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