Show off a Next Level You with EB Advance

Show off a Next Level You with EB Advance


In a constantly changing world, it can be hard to keep up and find a manner where you can grow and flourish openly.But there’s always been one thing you could turn to to freely express yourself and bloom: makeup. Whether you’re feeling flirty or edgy, or even if you just need a little break from the usual makeup routine, you can always turn to your makeup kit to show your mood or a new side to yourself.

Sharing this philosophy with you is EB Advance and their new campaign, “Next Level You.” Fronted by Max Collins and the brand’s new ambassador Glaiza de Castro, EB Advance’s new look and cosmetics appeal to women like yourself who want to show off another facet of their persona—one that’s more daring, more expressive, and ultimately next level.

While Max and Glaiza share undeniable beauty, the two ambassadors are polar opposites when it comes to makeup looks and preferences: Max prefers a flirty feminine look, while Glaiza’s style is edgy and cool. But through EB Advance, both women are able to achieve the looks they want and even upgrade their tastes. With this, EB Advance proves its products can be used to show off any and all sides of your personality, and reveal a next level you.





Show the world who you are and uncover the other sides of you on a next level with EB Advance.

To learn more about EB Advance, its products and endorsers, visit Ever Bilena’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram

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