Beauty and Belongingness: Guilly Valenzuela Opens New Doors in the Fashion Industry

Beauty and Belongingness: Guilly Valenzuela Opens New Doors in the Fashion Industry


Celebrity hair and makeup artist Guilly Valenzuela shares the story of how his team of professionals in Signature by Guillano brings out the best version of your inner beauty

Beauty is a concept that takes on many forms. Some believe that it is only found within ourselves while others believe in the magic of looking your best every day through well-done hairstyles and the perfect blend of makeup. Guilly Valenzuela, however, strongly advocates that it is possible to believe in both. 

“That beauty and confidence exists inside us,” Guilly said assertively during our chat. “Our makeup just serves to enhance what we already have and I think that’s what Signature by Guillano does.” 

A newfound passion

Before Guilly Valenzuela established his name as a celebrity makeup artist, he was a painter. He describes himself as someone who has always leaned more on the creative side of life, so he spent his younger years painting for poster-making contests in schools and joining art competitions. 

“Honestly, I didn’t expect to be a makeup artist,” Guilly admitted, although he said so with a laugh. “But I vividly remember seeing MEGA Magazine’s 16th anniversary 2008 issue. I think I was 20 years old then.” 

Guilly Valenzuela, founder of Signature by Guillano, with his friend and regular client, Miss Universe PH 2020 First Runner-up, Bella Ysmael.

The blending of colors, the glamorous confidence, and the sheer willpower lit a fire inside Guilly that day, as he swore for his name as a makeup artist to be credited on one of those photos one day. 

Pouring more fuel to the fire

The path to his dream was carved when his stylist friend, Janno Novenario, told him there was going to be a makeup artist audition for a reality TV show: MEGA Fashion Crew. Guilly auditioned for the first season, but was unfortunately the first one to leave the show. 

“That’s totally fine,” he asserted. Guilly was not discouraged at all, as he thinks that MEGA Fashion Crew was the one that opened the opportunity for him to build connections and strengthen relationships with people in the fashion industry. 

Soon enough, this experience furthered Guilly’s dream, as these connections led him to be included to be one of the pool makeup artists for GMA Artist Center, where he started doing makeup for celebrities like Sanya Lopez, Gabbi Garcia, Mikee Quintos, and so on. 

One of his most memorable clients was Bella Ysmael, the Miss Universe 2020 First Runner-up. Guilly met Bella back in The Camp, a transnational-based community of pageant enthusiasts who train pageant contestants, while he was working as the official makeup artist for them. Today, Bella remains his consistent client and supportive friend. 

Doon ako na-brand ng mga tao na, ‘Oh, Guilly is a celebrity makeup artist,” he recalled. That was also the catalyst for the step-by-step process on how Guilly’s name circulated the show business industry and what added more fuel to his flames. 

A dream within a dream

In the pursuit of his dream, Guilly had many realizations upon entering the fashion industry. Turns out, the ride wasn’t smooth sailing as challenges appeared along the way. Guilly shared that as someone who didn’t come from a wealthy background, it was difficult to feel included amongst the big names and the other skillful artists who already had the connections to assist them in the growth of their business. 

To be a self-taught beginner or amateur in the field, it wasn’t simple for Guilly to rise through the ranks and make a name for himself. He had to wait for opportunities, clients, and for his art to trend. He had to keep on doing test shoots and posting his work online in order to get some publicity. “Even right now, inclusivity is still my biggest roadblock,” he expressed. 

It was not part of Guilly’s plans to create a team, but the realization of the lack of belongingness in the industry inspired another dream to branch from his personal goals. This experience became the catalyst for the building of Guilly’s new brand, Signature by Guillano.

“I know that the fashion industry isn’t that inclusive, so I wanted to create a door for aspiring beginners to enter it,” Guilly shared. Since he had already gone through that kind of struggle, he wanted to be the one to teach young professional artists and provide them with a way to become a part of the hair and makeup world. Seeing his old self within these dreamers was what gave birth to the brand Signature by Guillano. 

Driven by the same flame

Guilly’s dream pushed through with a passion that has been burning within him ever since he decided that he wanted his name to be credited someday as a makeup artist. That is why in looking for members for Signature by Guillano, Guilly looks for the same determination in all of those who apply and in all of those that he meets along the way. “I can train them when it comes to skill and techniques,” Guilly stated. “But I can’t train someone’s personality and attitude.” 

By seeking the right mindset for each of the members of Signature by Guillano, the team is now run by professional hair and makeup artists that cater to any kind of event, client, and project. Guilly desires to promote his brand as a place where everyone is included. He looks for people with the willingness to learn and the ability to make their own personal goals happen. 

Now, Signature by Guillano is not only the curator for a place where artists find a sense of belonging, but also a place for clients to enhance their beauty. “I want to make Signature by Guillano a place where we don’t pick our clients,” Guilly described, as he reiterated that they all share the same purpose in bringing out the beauty and talent that already exists within everyone. 

With these values in mind, Signature by Guillano thrives with a unique purpose: to be inclusive, creative, and ambitious. Their art does not intend to create an entirely different persona of their clients, but to simply do hair and makeup that creates confidence in each and every individual to express who they are. Guilly sees Signature by Guillano as a bigger and more established brand; a household name that remains approachable by anyone equally. 

Clients of all classes are given the freedom to be their most beautiful selves with Signature by Guillano’s help, so availing their services will definitely be worth a shot. “Be a star on your own,” as Signature by Guillano lives by. 

Meet the Signature by Guillano team and drop by their Facebook page and Guilly’s Instagram account! Avail their services and watch the magic happen. 

The following people are responsible for this shoot: 

Photographer: Junessa Rendon

Stylist: Janno Novenario

Hair: Daniel Forro

Makeup: Guilly Valenzuela

Location: Anchor Point Studio

– Special thanks to Bella Ysmael (Miss Universe 2020 1st Runner-Up)

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