Simple, Quick And Valuable—This Is The Manifesto of Owndays

Simple, Quick And Valuable—This Is The Manifesto of Owndays


Japanese optical brand Owndays offers customer-centric services and a wide range of originally designed brands that will not only leave you with brighter eyesight but also a brighter day.

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It’s time to bid farewell to complex processes and aggravating waiting times in optical shops. Owndays and its glasses revolutionizes the optical industry with its customer-centric business policy that falls within three straightforward categories: simple, quick and valuable.


When you go into an ordinary optical store, you first select your frame. Afterwards, your bill still keeps on running, as you have to move on to the type of lens that best aligns with your comfort and eye-grade. The whole process can be frankly taxing, especially once you see your total. With Owndays glasses though, the whole procedure takes place in a seamless manner that culminates in just one price for all your optical needs. This means that in the common case of really bad eyesight or high eye-grades, all packages are already inclusive of ultra-thin, UV-protected and multi-coated lens with no extra costs attached.

Owndays glasses

So you can say goodbye to burdensome figures. With Owndays, you won’t be pondering on whether to compromise on fair prices or the comfort your optics will provide—here, it all falls in one price that ranges from P1,990 to P6,990.


No one likes the waiting game. After the exhausting time spent on finding the appropriate frame and getting your eyes checked, hanging around for a few more hours to finally feel relief from your new glasses doesn’t sound so appealing. However, this is what we are unfortunately used to. Owndays, again, challenges this by consistently and strictly living by their “quick” standard.

To hasten your order, only the best licensed and trained optometrists are deployed in their clinics. To match their high caliber staff, the Japanese business also takes pride in utilizing state-of-the-art machines. With the aforementioned two hand-in-hand, your Owndays glasses will be ready in just merely 20 minutes. This period will only be extended should your lens upgrades need to be ordered and procured in a later time.


The brand hails from Japan. And knowing the quality ingrained in Japanese products and services, it is only natural to expect the same level from the company.

Owndays glasses

Not only are the items made in a top notch manner, but they also come in approximately 1,500 styles that can effortlessly complement various lifestyles and meet aesthetic needs of both men and women. The best thing about these designs is that they are directly conceptualized, produced, distributed and sold by the brand itself. This translates to value for the customer as it means less bottlenecks in production and distribution, and as well as a tight control on quality.

With over 60 stores by the end of 2021, acquiring your own pair of functional yet stylish Owndays’ glasses is absolutely hassle-free. The most recent addition to the company’s chain of branches is situated in SM Urdaneta.

Visit their webpage, official Facebook account or Instagram page to find which store location best suits you.

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