Your Skin Cells Talk, Too! Here’s Why It’s Important To Keep Them Chatting

Your Skin Cells Talk, Too! Here’s Why It’s Important To Keep Them Chatting


We rely on communication to go about our everyday lives. Our bodies have evolved to carry out complex forms of conversing with each other, whether through verbal messages via learned language or gestures and expressions with our face and limbs. But challenges arise when we are unable to properly communicate with the world around us. Loss of speech, troubled hearing, and other incapacities disrupt our daily flow. As much as this is true for us who live in communities, the same can be said for the cells that live in us.

What Lies Within Us

Like all living creatures, cells have their own language. They express and capture messages emitted by other cells or by their surrounding environment. Cells listen and talk to their environment through receptors on their membrane. Imagine tiny bundles of tubes that transmit genetic messages in and out of the cell body.

But through extensive research by Clarins Laboratories, a direct link between these channels and skin aging was discovered. These cell transmitters decrease with age and under exposure to UV rays and free radicals, meaning they aren’t able to properly “hear” messages. Because of this, the skin’s vital functions–regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration, and protection–are disrupted. The skin starts to show pores and wrinkles, as well as lose firmness and radiance. To solve this, Clarins formulated their signature Double Serum to dive cell-deep and reinforce cellular expression.

The Unique Expertise

The Clarins Double Serum is the culmination of extensive skin and plant research. Its formula contains 18 high-performing plant extracts and two plant-based ingredients that targets the skin’s vital functions. Most of the extracts are actually food items we barely associate with skin care, such as cocoa, ginger lily, banana, quinoa, and kiwi.

But aside from these, the Double Serum features a turmeric extract called turmerone. This is the key to the Double Serum’s effectivity. In nature, turmerone promotes pollination and alerts plants of imminent threats. This biomechanic is mirrored in our cells as turmerone exceptionally preserves the cell’s listening ability and enhances cellular communication.

Turning to natural ingredients makes the Double Serum a bio-inspired product that is rooted in nature and made for humans of any age, ethnicity, and skin type. Discover natural care that goes cell-deep with the Clarins Double Serum. Your skin, and all your tiny cells, will thank you for it.

For more information about the product, follow Clarins (@clarinsofficial) and Rustan’s The Beauty Source on Instagram (@rustansthebeautysource).

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