Ladies, You Deserve These SKINCELL Treatments for Beauty and Power

Ladies, You Deserve These SKINCELL Treatments for Beauty and Power


With SKINCELL and their host of advanced aesthetic procedures and treatments, you can rediscover that beauty is power

Through the years, we have seen countless women paving the way for innovation, progress, and success. We hear stories of women who rise to the occasion and continue to inspire us to become better versions of ourselves, making us ready to take on more exciting roles for a better society. These highly inspirational women are seen as strong-willed, smart, and revolutionary, all without trying to hide their femininity. Gone is the era when women are seen as helpless, soft, and fragile. In this day and age, women rule the world.

But with this shift in perception—with power and responsibility given to women—it’s very much easy to forget that women also need to take a break and have time to look after themselves. Every woman deserves to look healthy and beautiful, no matter their job, status, or age.

Modern women are in luck because they live in a time where looking 10 to 20 years younger than their actual age is possible thanks to modern technology.

At SKINCELL Advanced Aesthetics Clinics, Lead Dermatologist and Founder, Dr. Clarissa “Issa” V. Cellona makes sure that you’ll get the latest treatments so you can achieve your ideal look and have more confidence.

Sofwave, the superb choice

SOFWAVE is the latest technology to revitalize the skin through stimulation of collagen and elastin.

The latest treatment at SKINCELL happens to be their most advanced yet. The highly-recommended Sofwave is a painless and non-invasive skin lifting treatment that revitalizes the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

The wonders of Sofwave are undeniable, especially when you see and feel it work on your skin. By using high frequency, low divergence ultrasound, Sofwave targets the deeper layers of the skin which, according to Dr. Issa, is a “faster and more efficient” way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also having no downtime so “patients can resume their regular activities without worry.”

This breakthrough technology also caught the attention of awarding bodies, winning Elle Magainze’s Best In-Office Skin Treatment during the 2021 Future of Beauty Awards, as well as being 2022’s New Beauty Award for Best in Latest Ultrasound.

The all new SKINCELL Sofwave is guaranteed to bring you the best treatment outcome. According to Dr. Issa, Sofwave “[yields] the most desirable results for patients,” especially when customized and combined with other treatments exclusively available in the clinic.

ONDA: Coolwaves, the body shaping technology for you

ONDA induces a regenerating and toning but non-invasive action, effective over time and with minimal side effects.

SKINCELL also introduces the latest ONDA: Coolwaves, a body contouring machine that uses microwave technology to reduce localized fat all over the body. According to Dr. Issa, “Its mode of action is deep and targeted. The microwave energy is absorbed directly by the adipose or fat cells, while radiofrequency is dispersed much more superficially.”

Time Machine Procedure, your ticket to reverse signs of aging

The Time Machine Procedure (TMP) is a combination of SKINCELL’s progressive line of aesthetic treatments designed to reverse the early signs of aging.

Time Machine Procedure (TMP), on the other hand, combines all the latest technologies at SKINCELL to combat the signs of aging, skin deterioration, sun damage, volume loss and sagging. “We have a lot of patients who showed total improvement with many looking at least ten years younger,” Dr. Issa explains. “The best result I have seen is that the outcome looks natural with very little to no downtime.”

With SKINCELL, expect to have the best line of treatments and services because you deserve it.

If you wish to book an appointment with Dr. Issa Cellona, you may contact (+63)917-799-1412 at SKINCELL’s Forbes Park Makati Clinic. You may also follow them on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates on their products, services and treatments.

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