‘Skipcare’ Is The Newest Korean Beauty Trend You’ll Thank Later

‘Skipcare’ Is The Newest Korean Beauty Trend You’ll Thank Later


K-beauty has been quiet with no new trend in sight for a while now. We seemed to have settled to the many-step routine they have left for us to follow. As a result, we’re getting clearer, ageless skin radiating with a dewy finish. We have all reached the goal except not everyone has the time to actually follow the routine—not with a hectic schedule or seemingly never-ending days. Maintaining this is simply impossible. Thank goodness ‘skipcare’ is happening. But judge it not—this trend is not as bad as it seems.

Skipcare korean

Korean millennials have now realized how hard it is to maintain the (usually) 12-step skincare routine. They have come up with a practical solution called ‘skipcare’. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to skip your routine, you just have to skip some steps. While every step serves its purpose like brightening, lifting, age-defying, skipcare aims not to sacrifice any of those results. It simply focuses on the most important parts of the routine with additions of all-in-one products. With a wide selection of multi-purposed skincare products, it’s not that hard to find the perfect products that will suit your ‘skipcare routine’.

You’ll find yourself thanking this trend later for all the time you’ve saved sitting in front of the mirror doing a more intense routine. Not to mention, you’re bound to get the same results and you’ll realize skincare could have been a lot easier.


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