This Clinic Is Making Cosmetic Surgery More Accessible For You

This Clinic Is Making Cosmetic Surgery More Accessible For You


After decades of professional experience and acclaim, Dr. Maika Slatensek has found a way to give cosmetic surgery the beautifying facelift it needs

Cosmetic surgery has helped improve the face and body confidence of men and women for decades. Recently, it has been undergoing an exciting rebirth as a certified, accepted and normalized medical procedure, and Dr. Maika Slatensek’s Slate Medical Group is right at the forefront of all these positive changes. Luckily, we were able to get a seat with the doctor as she discussed with us the smart, fresh, and innovative approach her clinic is taking to create better connections with her patients and make a more profound impact in their lives.

On evolving with the times

Before its reintroduction as Slate Medical Group, Dr. Maika initially founded a clinic of a different name with her business partner in 2011, which functioned simply as a regular aesthetic surgery clinic. In 2018, the partners would go their separate ways, giving Dr. Maika the time to focus on reinventing the clinic in a way that would suit it’s would-be clients in the future: the Generation Z and young millennials. This undertaking would give rise to the birth of Slate Medical Group; an easily-recognizable name coined from the surname of Dr. Maika’s husband himself.

“Of course, times change and aesthetics [as well]. People want to experience that [easy] feeling when you go to a place where you’re more comfortable and relaxed.”

Dr. Maika Slatensek on the rationale behind Slate’s modern approach

Much like the success stories of Slate’s clients, Dr. Maika’s reenvisioning of Slate Medical’s image into a more approachable look has allowed itself to be more confident in building authentic and positive relationships with its clients both in its ambience and the ways its procedures support a client’s growth.

Beyond the operating room

Apart from adding a friendlier touch, Dr. Maika also pursued a variety of efforts for Slate Medical in order to expand its offerings to easier treatments that do not require a surgical procedure. This decision would go on to be well-appreciated by both her clients and the clinic itself especially during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when aesthetic surgical procedures would be prohibited due to the lockdown. “We still have surgeries and teams of doctors for particular surgeries like for structural augmentation rhinoplasty, body liposuction, and fat grafting, but we also make sure that the other concerns of the patient are addressed also, like for example, skin care,” Dr. Maika added.

These procedures, which range from non-surgical thread lifts, dermal fillers, Botox, non-surgical v-contouring, lasers, to skin care regimens, have allowed Slate’s clients to enjoy successful physical transformations without the difficulties that an intricate surgery might bring; a feat which Dr. Maika is extremely proud of.

“It’s really heartwarming when patients compliment or say thanks for a job well done. In a small way, I can see that it has improved their quality of life. This inspires me to do my best at work.”

Dr. Maika Slatensek on what makes her job rewarding

It seems that the numbers of these feats have not just started to grow for Slate Medical, as Dr. Maika shared that a majority of the clinic’s clients come from the demographic she initially sought to support in the young millennial age group. “Mostly for us, it’s [improving] their self-confidence and their morale with their work or their everyday life. Of course, we give advice and recommend proper treatment and goals if they have other issues about how they look, or for their lifestyle modification if needed and we try to help them.”

With this sympathetic and understanding approach, Dr. Maika and Slate Medical feel happy and fulfilled to be able to create true connections with their clients. “That’s what I’m after: building relationships with my clients. We want that sense of ‘family’ where you feel comfortable and keep coming back.’”

Visit Slate Medical Group at Centuria Medical Makati, Makati City; or Slate Medical Group Vinia Residences, Quezon City. For more information, you may email them at [email protected], text or call them at (02)8-571-2972 or (+63)945-516-4578, or follow Slate Medical at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.

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