Slicked-Back Hairstyles and Statement Lips Fronted BYS Fashion Week Day Three

Slicked-Back Hairstyles and Statement Lips Fronted BYS Fashion Week Day Three


As BYS celebrates the third day of this year’s fashion week, MEGA continues to look out for all the beauty looks that come with it

The third day of this year’s BYS Fashion Week was certainly an eventful chapter. Vin Orias’ Intersection Spring/Summer 2024 presentation unfurled like an evolving sunset as it reignited different interpretations of his signature solihiya pattern. Meanwhile, Cheetah Rivera’s 10th anniversary collection was oozing with dopamine as she paid tribute to those who defy norms, radiate freedom, and embrace their uniqueness. As for beauty? Well, there was definitely something for everyone.

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David Guison and Angelique Manto BYS Fashion Week

Models for ORIAS Studios traipsed the runway with skin that glistens—looks that are pared down, but luxe. On the contrary, Cheetah Rivera’s presentation was all about the power of well-placed colors that simply commanded attention. 

Orias Studios BYS Fashion Week

From fresh, luminous complexions to glossy, slicked-back hairdos, beauty continues to reimagine the classic runway beauty. Here are the five beauty trends spotted on the BYS Fashion Week day three runway. 

Fresh, luminous complexions 

Fresh Skin

While clean, clear, and glistening skin is undoubtedly a central theme for many, ORIAS Studios showcased a new guard of complexions that looked more sumptuous than ever before. Think second-skin-like finish that celebrates a fresh healthy glow, one that glistens when the light hits it. To complement the base, the natural contours of the face are accentuated by brushes of bronze and drapes of blush. Meanwhile, at Cheetah Rivera, radiant skin perfectly befitted the beauty direction’s sense of color play.

The classic chignons 

Classic Chignons

Eschewing height and volume, polished chignons took center stage. Cheetah Rivera models walked the runway wearing the quintessential slicked, tight bun accompanied by sharp hair partings. The result certainly felt fresh and clean—elegant, even—the kind of hairstyling that gives an effortless finish to her collection’s luxe ensembles. 

Molten shimmers, anyone? 

Amanda Zamora BYS Fashion Week

Jolts of molten shimmers around the eyes were the standout beauty look at ORIAS Studios. Backstage, makeup artists offered up a gaze-encasing twist on a classic nude eye, with their iteration that packs a shine factor. As for the lips? A glossy your-lips-but-better hue appeared to have been the runway-approved way to balance out the look. Pro tip: Increase color payoff by carefully stamping the pigment before blending. This way, the brush will pack more product onto the lid more effectively. 

Glossy, slicked-back hair

Angelique Manto BYS Fashion Week

The inherent coolness of the glossy, slicked-back hair has made its way back to the runway. Think brushed-back hair, lacquered finish, and hints of bold styling, as seen at ORIAS Studios’ BYS Fashion Week showcase. The key to achieving the look? Start by priming the hair with a light texture spray and pull the hair back with a gel using a brush of your choice. Once accomplished, seal the look with a trusted hairspray. 

The statement lip 

Red Lips BYS Fashion Week

Statement lips are always in—at least that was the story at Cheetah Rivera’s BYS Fashion Week presentation. The lips were suitably the focus of the beauty brief. Eschewing the your-lips-but-better look, the electric red hue provided a necessary beauty dopamine hit. To complement this, makeup was kept pared down with a bit of color and a few eye makeup details.


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