Rain Weather Has Arrived—Time To Tweak Your Wardrobe

Rain Weather Has Arrived—Time To Tweak Your Wardrobe


The recurring rain, although it comes in tiny droplets, is making us think about revising our fashion choices

A lot of us have been praying for rain these past few months, to give us a little respite from the insufferable heat. Our prayers may have already been slightly heard as the temperature has gone down a bit the past few days. But this also means it may be time to start adding little changes to your wardrobe, one drizzling day at a time. Here’s how!

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Pop of Color

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Summer, traditionally, is the best time to wear outfits painted in the colors seen through prism. In the shifting weather, a good way to progress in fashion is to add a pop of color to any outfit. As the neutral or darker colors are about to emerge and fill the streets, a bright hue—whether on a pretty pair of shoes or an everyday bag—is a nice way to gracefully exit the beach fit and enter the sweater weather.

Layered Accessories

SM Store carries the AXCS line of accessories

Add or subtract. In the summer, as prospects of beach parties rise with the temperature, so do the pieces of colorful bracelets, bangles, and necklaces add up in number. This shouldn’t have to change as the wind gets colder outside. The good thing about accessories that are meant to be layered is that you can just build on them or shed them one piece at a time, depending on your mood or occasion. Maybe they don’t have cover your entire arm, but two or three layers of stackable jewelry can take a little bit of serious out of the grays and blacks.

Relaxed Elegance

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The heat outside may not be as burning as it was last month, but those autumn-winter clothes may have to stay vacuum-sealed for now. However, in lieu of donning mixed prints, florals, satin, and sheer dresses, you could transition into relaxed, chic pieces made of cotton-blend materials and twill. Opt for those that come in muted color palettes and those that are understated yet refined—favoring clean lines, soft fabrics, and easy silhouettes.

Photos and Featured Image: SM Store

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