Smell Like a Winner With These Perfumes Designed For Gamers

Smell Like a Winner With These Perfumes Designed For Gamers


This recently launched fragrance lineup has one clear mission: to be the ultimate companion for gamers who aim to remain refreshed during their gaming sessions

When it comes to men’s grooming, staying fresh and smelling great is the name of the game. In a pleasantly surprising twist, STR8 has just taken a bold step into uncharted territory with their newest collection of perfumes, crafted specifically for gamers. If you’ve ever wondered how to enhance your gaming adventures while maintaining a top-notch scent, we’ve got the lowdown for you.

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A scent for every play

Fragrances for gamers

Back in 1998 in Greece, STR8 kicked off as a fragrance brand with a fresh outlook. The brand believed that the right smell could effortlessly and instantly change any game. They’ve been hard at work ever since, guiding men to find their true selves, step up with confidence, and keep it real. And their latest stuff? It’s proof they’re serious about their goal of giving you the best grooming gear you need. 

Gaming meets grooming

Perfumes for gamers, STR8's new collection GAME

The brand also recognizes that being adaptable in today’s ever-changing world is key, especially when it comes to defining what it means to be a man. Just like how the gaming world evolved, so has the idea of masculinity. In a world where gaming’s more than just a hobby—a lifestyle—this collection shows they’re keeping up with the times.

Compete with confidence

STR8 Philippines' perfume collection for gamers

The brand’s newest collection, GAME, has got you covered with a range of cool perfumes and grooming essentials. STR8 also explained that their latest perfumes aren’t just for looking sharp; they’re also a statement of strength, a nod to tackling hurdles, and a salute to the thrill of competition. It is like an invitation for you to step up and own your competitive spirit as a man.

The power of three

The newly released perfumes are all about speaking to guys from diverse paths, whether easygoing players or hardcore gaming fans. 

With just three items in the lineup, it manages to offer versatility that suits men for a range of occasions. First up is the GAME Eau De Toilette, which has a mix of florals and herbs with a warm coumarin twist. Then there’s the GAME Natural Spray, blending pineapple, coriander, lavender, and tonka with hints of vanilla, praline, and ambery woods for a bit of charm. For a lasting effect, you can pair it with the GAME Eau De Toilette. Finally, there’s the GAME Deodorant Spray—your go-to for staying cool and smelling great no matter the action. While each scent is unique, they blend well with each other and offer a range of fragrant choices, ensuring you exude confidence and stay fresh in the game, whether you’re winning or not.

STR8 Philippines is exclusively available in Watsons. You can also find them in SM Beauty section nationwide or through Watsons online. You can also follow their social media accounts to stay updated on their latest updates and releases.

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