SoFA Graduates Prove That The Best Design Comes From Within

SoFA Graduates Prove That The Best Design Comes From Within


The key to delivering a relevant design concept in fashion means to successfully express oneself through art.

With SoFA Design Institute’s goal of their students evoking a personally meaningful narrative in their creative work, 17 graduates successfully showcased 24 key pieces in an exhibition titled, “TOLD: The Stories Within Me.”

The design institute’s pride in pushing design and creativity forward, challenged all graduates to use their personal stories and move towards the conceptual rather than the wearable.

As the students stirred their inner selves and pushed their creative boundaries, all of them were able to embrace the process making their creativity to be limitless.

Here are three graduates who definitely captured our hearts with their stories:

Trixie Platon, one of the graduates, produced a concept based on a Mocking bird because its characteristics, attitude, and eclecticism reflects who she really is—a lady who merges all her learning experiences to soar above.

As for Shelvan Bollozos’ collection, “The Good Side” got inspiration from weight loss culture through the base of the silhouettes of the garments that fit close to the body to show the perfect hour glass and S figure of women.

The “Dissonance” collection of Fred Telarma depicted how anxiety gradually engulfs a being making it a real struggle for him to maintain an external stance that is in pure dissonance with one’s true mental and emotional state of being.

Know more about their stories through the brilliant creations of SoFA’s 2018 graduates until August 2, at the Ground Floor of the Power Plant Mall’s New Wing.

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