Sofia Andres Redefines Success And Modern Motherhood

Sofia Andres Redefines Success And Modern Motherhood


MEGAStyle December 2021 cover girl, Sofia Andres, shows us how to live life fabulously in her 20s as an artist, actress, and mother.

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On the day of the cover shoot, everything felt in place. The November weather was cooperating well, the manicured lawns of Las Casas Quezon City were trimmed to perfection, and our cover star arrived on time in impeccable fashion. Sofia Andres is known for her beauty, sense of style, and her loving relationship with her family. She has been an inspiration for many young women who would like to balance a healthy home life, while pursuing their dreams in challenging industries. This drive and passion in Sofia has fueled her career to new heights.

Faux fur shawl by YANA KALAW; Custom press-on nails by NAIL BADDIE PH; 18K yellow gold lace necklace, 18K yellow gold ladder necklace, 18K yellow gold double bead necklace, 18K yellow gold lucky bag, 18K yellow adjustable gold necklace, 18K yellow gold bracelet with emerald all by C&M Jewelry

You could feel her confidence radiate once she stepped on the set. It’s important to note that the confidence didn’t have a shade of arrogance. It’s the kind of quiet self assuredness that stems from having faced difficult situations and making sacrifices. Despite her youth, Sofia is clearly a woman with a long journey behind her and a clear vision ahead.

Sofia Andres joined show business in her teen years. She appeared on numerous commercials, TV shows, and even starred in her own movie. She didn’t follow the usual route that many of her peers took. Instead, she found her direction by taking a step back and focusing on her family.

Ever since Sofia Andres became a mother, her world changed. Motherhood, it seems, suits her as well as the designer frocks she dons in this editorial. These days she looks happy, glowing, and content. She has found joy raising her daughter Zoe and being a partner to her boyfriend Daniel Miranda. She’s also become a style influencer, much sought after by brands. It’s a role she seems destined for with her uncommon beauty and innate regalness. And because everything she touches seems to be turning gold these days, she’s also started a business calles Zoe Essentials. It’s a modest one for now, but the response has been positive, so perhaps we can expect more from this now multi-hyphenate.

Pearl gown by KEN BATINO and JEVIN SALAYSAY; 18K white gold butterfly earring with diamonds, 18k white gold tennis diamond necklace, 18K white gold tennis diamond bracelet all by C&M Jewelry

Aside from all of these, Sofia has also found a new passion in art. The actress has now found comfort in painting and drawing and her creations have found an audience beyond her showbiz fanbase.

With everything she’s doing, it’s hard to figure out how she stays radiant in all her endeavors. Sofia recently became a mom and is now navigating through motherhood while balancing a successful career. She does this together with her boyfriend and their families. You can see how much life and motherhood has evolved the young star to become the woman she is today. We definitely saw this evolution during the MEGAStyle December 2021 cover shoot.

In some way, she was able to transform into different characters as she wore a variety of lavish gowns from different local designers. Things got even more exciting when C&M Jewelry adorned the actress with stacks of high fashion jewelry. There were sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds that elevated Sofia’s look in unexplainable ways.

One look that really took the production team’s breath away was when Sofia channeled her inner Audrey Hepburn in a custom AJ Javier two piece set. The fashion and beauty direction fell right into place for this layout. She had a fine set of emeralds from C&M Jewelry placed carefully at the top of her head, which perfectly complimented the pink in her outfit. Make no mistake, this makeshift crown is normally worn as a necklace, but was styled to create an interesting headpiece for the star.

Headpiece by BEA ARAZA; Strapless silk gown and gloves by CARLENE DESIGNS; Corset by AJ JAVIER; 4.5-5mm Akoya pearl chain, 8,6-8.9mm Akoya pearl chain, 18K white gold ring with pink diamond, 18k white gold ruby ring with diamonds all by C&M Jewelry

In the other looks, Sofia was able to try out different pastel colors as the main theme of each layout. On one hand, she wore a heavily beaded custom pearl gown by Ken Batino. On the other, she wore a billowing ruched hat by Bea Araza. We were definitely able to see the different sides of Sofia Andres in her cover shoot. The best part is she was able to apply her own creativity to the shoot by suggesting ways to add in her personal style. This gave the cover shoot a lot more meaning in to showcasing her true self to the world.

All in all, it was a wondrous collaboration between Sofia Andres and her most worn jewelry brand, C&M. Both parties shared a love for sentimental pieces that also invoked a sense of luxury. We were definitely able to see how they were able to compliment each other. Sofia’s love for fashion and jewelry combined perfectly with C&M’s desire to emphasize the beauty of all their customers.

Photography by JERICK SANCHEZ
Creative Direction and Styling by MIKA REYES
Art Direction by BRIE VENTURA 
Styling assistant SOPHIA REYES
Fashion Film Direction and Editing by SHAYNE DE GUZMAN
Project Implemented by CHLOE FRANCO and ANIKAH CHUA
Shoot Coordination by ERICA LUNA and KZ FRANCISCO

Shot on Location at LAS CASAS, QUEZON CITY

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