Is It Too Soon To Start An Anti-Aging Routine In Your 20s?

Is It Too Soon To Start An Anti-Aging Routine In Your 20s?


One day, you’re unstoppable, having the time of your life without a care in the world. But before you know it, poofwrinkles, age spots, or pores that seem slightly bigger than they did yesterday suddenly appear.

As someone in my early 20s, I used to take anti-aging products for granted. But since starting to work in the beauty industry, I realized that taking preventive measures is essential to slow down wrinkles and sagging in the long run. In other words, countless dermatologists and beauty experts are saying this: it’s never too young to start (although 25 is the agreed upon age for most people).

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One product in particular that these experts stress we should use? Anti-aging serums. A recent innovation that has caught our eye is the Sisleya L’Intégral Anti-Âge Firming Concentrated Serum.

Is It Too Soon To Start An Anti-Aging Routine In Your 20s?

Made with Sweet Marjoram extract, a new Sisley active ingredient, the product awakens and boosts the skin’s firming potential after application. In no time, the face becomes more toned and skin appears to be as youthful as ever. In addition to this, the product feels and smells amazing, encouraging you to pamper yourself after a long day.

After a few days of using the product, I already noticed a difference. My face might not have magically tightened (yet), but I did seem more awake, if that makes sense. My skin appeared smoother and more supple, and I didn’t feel the need to pile on the foundation.

So if SPF is the only product you use to prevent wrinkles these days, you might want to think again. For long-lasting results, it is essential to use products such as the Sisleya L’Intégral Anti-Âge Firming Concentrated Serum, as well as taking care of yourself in other aspects of your life. Aging is something nobody can escape, but we can slow it down and age gracefully if we really put our mind to it, right?


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