Spanish Breakfast Basics To Make You Feel Like You’re In Barcelona

Spanish Breakfast Basics To Make You Feel Like You’re In Barcelona


There’s something so fulfilling about a good breakfast. It has something to do with the fact that we Filipinos love a really good one any day. If we can’t skip it, we won’t. And so experiencing a Spanish breakfast felt like a dream. This fulfilling meal just has everything you’ll ask and more. Sweet, savory, and just the right tinge of bitter—every flavor you’ll possibly ever have can be found in one filling breakfast. Not to mention, doing it right will make you feel just like you’re dining in Barcelona without losing the Filipino touch.


A Toast To Begin The Day With

It’s not the toast you think. Before everything else, sharing a really good glass of wine should set the mood right. Yes, even in the morning a glass of red can do more than just make you feel that Spanish breakfast coming. It can give you just the right buzz to wake you up from the night’s sleep and give the right amount of energy you need for the rest of the day.

Go Light, Go Heavy

What’s really admirable about a Spanish breakfast is the fact that you don’t have to serve a bowl of rice immediately. You wouldn’t have any worries of how many calories you’ve spent eating. Go light and healthy with a bowl of muesli. Pick any type of bread you’d love—wheat, grain, oat, or rye. Or you can go heavy with a bowl of Arroz Caldo or Champurrado.


All The Flavors In One

It doesn’t always have to bland with unsalted butter. A Spanish breakfast is a combination of all flavors in one. If you love your toasted cinnamon bread, add a sour touch with berries on top. Feeling like your bread needs some flavor? Spice it up with a piece of jamon! Mix and match your way through the course and you’ll surely be full and satisfied.

Care For Some Carajillo?

What better way to end a meal than with a cup of coffee. Only, in Spain, it’s best served with alcohol. If it seems like a little too crazy for an idea? The concept of having a carajillo after breakfast isn’t for the faint-hearted. Just like the glass of wine at the beginning of the meal, adding some brandy to your cup of coffee can definitely change the way your day goes.

While not everyone has the time to prepare all these, we found a way for you to experience Spanish breakfast without the hassle. Gather around a table of hearty dishes at Desayuno By Barcino. All your weekend breakfasts can now be served the Spanish way with, of course, the Filipino touch. You’ll never miss home while diving in the Spanish culture and cuisine with everything they have to offer.


Desayuno By Barcino will exclusively be available at Barcino Santolan Town Plaza Starting November 24, 2018. Breakfast will be served from 7 AM to 11 AM.

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