Speed Dating In Manila? It’s A Thing And This Is How It Works

Speed Dating In Manila? It’s A Thing And This Is How It Works


If you’re easing into socializing after 2 years of the pandemic, speed dating might be your best bet in putting yourself out there.

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Speed dating. We usually see it only in movies. It’s usually portrayed in a quirky montage of different individuals, quickly jumping from one table to another. Eventually, the protagonist meets someone that seems to be the perfect match for him or her. It’s the cliché romantic story we secretly want to experience, but would never admit to doing so. Besides, meeting the “one” during speed dating and other romantic clichés only happen in the movie, so it wouldn’t be possible anyways, right?

Well, we don’t know about other romantic clichés, but we do know that the speed dating trope is definitely happening. Yes, you heard that right. Millennials in Manila have figured out how to do speed date properly and safely in a bar in Poblacion.

Just two days before Valentine’s HQ Poblacion officially had their first speed dating event. It was a test run for friends, family, and fans of the establishment. We got to attend the event along with singles from the banking, art, entertainment, music, and finance industries. It was a well curated mix of people who were ready to meet and woo potential partners. Here’s how it happened and how you can join the next one.

Speed Dating Mechanics
A mix of boys and girls were seated in inner and outer rows of socially distanced tables. All attendees were screened before the event and must wear masks unless they are dining. Each of the seated pairs only have two minutes to get to know each other.

During each round, the host will give the pairs one question to answer. With every passing round, the questions get more intimate. If you end up liking each other, then you can exchange numbers in the mixer after the event. All you have to do is spark up a conversation by the bar.

The big question: does it work?
Short answer is yes. It definitely could work for anyone who is looking to meet new people without the help of an app. It could also be a way for you to ease into socializing again. After two years in a pandemic, being in social situations can be nerve wracking. This new dating activity takes a way all of the anxiety because of the fast paced atmosphere of the scene. There’s no time to put up a front or to be worried. You just answer the question, be yourself, and if it doesn’t work out then you’ll move on after a mere 2 minutes.

If you want to try speed dating, catch HQ Poblacions socials on Instagram and Facebook. They will be posting future speed dating sessions and mixer events for everyone to enjoy.

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