This Bar Has A Floor-To-Ceiling Collection of Drinks

This Bar Has A Floor-To-Ceiling Collection of Drinks


The Spirits Library is how one would imagine the atmosphere inside The Garrison (search: Peaky Blinders) would feel—save for the questionable activities, of course.

Laying back on an inconspicuous nook along the popular Poblacion area in Makati City, The Spirits Library is a period film that came to life: warm wood panels, grand chandeliers, bold fixtures, leather couches, and the charming smell of expensive tobacco make up the space. But that barely touches its imaginal concept.

The Spirits Library has a indoor balcony seating area that allows guests to watch performers on the main stage

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On one of its walls, behind the bar, is a floor-to-ceiling collection of drinks from all over the world—a perfect welcome for people expecting a “library” of a different kind. At the near end of the bar is a spiral staircase that leads guests to more private spaces that are reminiscent of an old-school gentleman’s club, or secret poker tournaments.

The VIP Room

As the name of the bar suggests, the mystique is only the backdrop that dictates the kind of drinks one must expect from this luxury of a place. When the sun begins to set, The Spirits Library opens its doors to guests who crave sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and exceptional cocktails.

Rice is Nice

While the ambience is a reflection of owner, entrepreneur, and beverage wizard Lee Watson’s vast and deep experience in the international scene, their signature menu also tells a story of our country’s history and heritage.

Slow Down Kiddo

One drink is aptly called Saranggola, inspired by the “bittersweet memories of learning how to make and fly the saranggola, and letting your dreams fly high as you do.” 

For the sweet tooth, the Dirty Sorbetes and Douhua will satisfy the senses. The Dirty Sorbetes is inspired by the Filipino ice cream flavors served from handcarts, and savored from colorful wafers or buns. This unique drink is made of Luisita Oro, Ube Halaya Cheese Liqueur, and Breve. The Douhua is concocted with a favorite Filipino breakfast and merienda in mind: taho. It’s made with Johnnie Walker Black, Amaro Averna, Arnibal Syrup, Vanilla Liqueur, and Soy Milk.

Diry Sorbetes

We would also recommend Rice is Nice (Cazadores Reposado Tequila, Tapeuy Rice Wine, Bamboo Tea, and Pandan Syrup), Albularyo (Tanqueray 10, Shaman Cordial, and Grapefuit Bitters), Slow Down Kiddo (Tanqueray London Dry, Sour Apple Liqueur, Honey, Early Grey Tea, and Grape Juice), Cariño (Butter Fat Washed Jameson, Rich Coconut Syrup, Oloroso Sherry, and Chocolate Bitters), and Nian Gao (Plantation 3 Stars, Toasted Rice Syrup, Sesame Oil, and Egg Whites).


Apart from their storied drinks, The Spirits Library is also known for its big events—for celebrating Halloween with Burlesque and for hosting themed nights, such as Shake & Scratch with Franco Nero, Arbie Won, and MDLC. 

Rightfully calling themselves the purveyor of rare bottles, books, and bar paraphernalia, The Spirits Library is open seven days a week, from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

For more information, visit their Instagram account @thespiritslibrary.

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