Sportscore is Here, and This is How You Can Look the Part Off the Court

Sportscore is Here, and This is How You Can Look the Part Off the Court


A new era of sportscore streetwear comes as people take an interest in tennis, golf, and equestrian

There was a time when streetwear consisted mainly of varsity jackets and baseball caps finished with striking color combinations. But the rise of what is now called “sportscore” is thanks in part to celebrities’ fits when watching courtside games. This then led to the fusion of sportswear and streetwear.

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Recently, there was a sudden turn of interest among sports enthusiasts. Suddenly, everyone started tuning in to the latest tennis matches, going out for a quick round of golf, and even learning an exclusive sport like equestrian or horseback riding—a rather luxurious line of sports to be interested in. All of these trickled down to the trendy fashion aesthetic we’ve grown to know nowadays.

The racket girl

It was during the period of the pandemic when almost everyone wanted to learn how to play tennis. Perhaps it was to combine entering a new hobby with returning to having an active lifestyle. Training would then entail a certain ensemble that will make one easier to move from one end of the court to another.

Sportscore HOW TO

It’s the fitted top and tennis skirt combo that you may have seen or even worn at some point. The fit also includes built-in cyclings to ensure nothing will peep through the skirt. Suddenly, everyone started investing in basic bodysuits and sporty dresses for an everyday look.

Sportscore GUIDE

A golfer’s day off

Unlike tennis, golf requires less physical effort, which is why it’s often played for leisure or business meetings for some entrepreneurs. The sport can either be a playful challenge between peers, but it is also a laid-back activity one can get into to pass the time.

Sportscore golf

There’s definitely a more casual look to the golf ensemble and it’s very much aligned to the old money aesthetic some are recreating. The usual style combo for this sport is a polo shirt, a sleek skirt, and a simple visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.


Equestrian made chic

We would often see this sport in chick flicks or period films, so it’s a bit of a shocker to see some get into it in this era. It’s definitely a difficult sport to learn, especially when you’re teaming up with a horse, but we can’t deny the prestige it gives once you say it’s one of your pastimes.

Sportscore equestrian

So how does this look for casual wear? The equestrian outfit, or Jodhpurs, usually consists of bottoms that are tight fitted all the way to the ankle, plain top, coat, and knee-high boots. But for everyday wear, they simplified the look by disregarding the coat or even opting to wear shorts instead of trousers. But the detail that never goes away for this look is a pair of knee-high leather boots.



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