Spotted in Fashion Week: realme Makes Phone Pouches Fashionable With HELIOT EMIL Collaboration

Spotted in Fashion Week: realme Makes Phone Pouches Fashionable With HELIOT EMIL Collaboration


Smartphone brand realme partners with Copenhagen-based HELIOT EMIL on a bag that takes your techwear and streetwear game to a new level

The most exhilarating aspect of any Fashion Week that purveyors of style eagerly anticipate is all the comebacks. For Paris Fashion Week 2022, houses tested the bounds of personal expression with the return of haute couture. But in the most surprising of ways, the once tacky phone pouch that rested on the belts of dads everywhere during the late 90s and early 2000s has been reinvented in a more fashionable form. This was a creation by HELIOT EMIL, in collaboration with leading tech brand realme, and the bag made its debut at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Technology makes its way to the runway

As part of the realme 9 Pro Series global launch, realme announced brothers Julius and Victor Juul, founders of fashion label HELIOT EMIL, have become the Guest Designers of realme Design Studio. Exploring the lines between form and function driven by experimental approaches, HELIOT EMIL pushes the semantic dialogue within the creative industry. Now, they become part of the first mobile design studio in the industry that aims to make technology more visually striking. This partnership with the fashion brand aims to make waves in the design world by uniting technology and fashion in a more personal and style-forward approach that is in line with realme’s commitment to bring to life trendsetting products in all aspects.

As the first smartphone to debut in Paris Fashion Week 2022, the realme 9 Pro Series enters the epicenter of the fashion world in a stunning manner. The smartphone is clasped in a carefully-crafted black leather pocket with a thin flap. The unique geometry of the leather also covers the rear camera lens, providing extra protection. An adjustable belt softly loops around the torso, making the bag a great fit for any figure.

The smartphone bag cleverly reveals an exciting feature that is sure to lead the industry in terms of “wow factor.” This is what realme calls Light Shift Design, and this is present in the Sunset Blue variant of both the realme 9 Pro+ and the realme 9 Pro. When the rear of the phone meets sunlight or UV light, its colors shift from blue to red, just like a sky at dawn or dusk.

With a subversive Scandinavian and monochromatic aesthetic, combined with custom developed materials, fabrics and trimmings, it looks like HELIOT EMIL and realme Design Studio just made a smartphone bag definitely worth wearing.

Stay tuned to the official Philippine launch of the realme 9 Pro Series on March 15, 6:00 p.m. at the realme Philippines Facebook page. Currently, there is no word on the launch of the HELIOT EMIL smartphone bag in the Philippines. Visit the official realme website to know more.

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