SSI Puts Their Passion Forward As They Celebrate 30 Years In The Industry

SSI Puts Their Passion Forward As They Celebrate 30 Years In The Industry


SSI Group Inc. has always been known for their dedication to not only bringing the best specialty brands from all over the world to the country but also for championing a well-curated life. This, in fact, is their focal point in their campaign for their 30th anniversary—”The Curated Life” aims to inspire SSI’s consumers to pursue their best life yet.

Anchored on passion, SSI strides forward to inspire, indulge, and elevate lives by bringing together 30 diverse individuals from different industries that share “The Curated Life” vision with their #PassionForward mission. They live these ideals through their creativity and commitment to their personal crafts, be it in arts, business, design, fashion, or advocacies.

They also tapped renowned journalist AA Patawaran to share his literary prowess, telling the story of SSI and its celebration of 30 years of curating the life of passion for the Filipino. With this, the campaign was launched alongside a photo exhibit by recognized photographers in the industry: Mark Nicdao, Kai Huang, and Cyrus Panganiban along with Kyla Olives and Paul Soriano.

Among the celebrated 30 personalities are Heart Evangelista-Escudero, Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada, Tessa Prieto Valdes, Rissa Mananquil Trillo, Lesley Mobo, Stephanie Zubiri Crespi, Krie Lopez, and Sofia Zobel Elizalde.

Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada

Tricia Gosingtian MEGA SSI
As a blogging pioneer and style purveyor, Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada believes in fashion’s transformative and empowering abilities.

Rissa Mananquil Trillo

Rissa Mananquil Trillo SSI MEGA
Happy Skin Co-Founder, Rissa is set to inspire Filipina women to embrace their natural beauty by providing the palettes and tools that allow this confidence.

Lesley Mobo

Lesley Mobo SSI MEGA
Lesley Mobo, as a globally acclaimed fashion designer, focuses on inspiring a new breed of designers. Those that are brave enough to seek originality and innovation.

Krie Lopez

Krie Lopez SSI MEGA
Founder of Messy Bessy, Krie Lopez believes in compassion as the drive of businesses by employing youth at risk and by promoting a genuine green lifestyle.

Tessa Prieto Valdes

Tessa Prieto Valdes SSI MEGA
Tessa continues to inspire as a host, columnist, and fashion icon with her bold sense of style and confident attitude.

Stephanie Zubiri Crespi

Stephanie Zubiri Crespi SSI MEGA
As a food and lifestyle journalist, Stephanie inspires all to live a fuller life, believing that the Philippines has so much to offer in terms of creativity and craftsmanship.

Sofia Zobel Elizalde

Sofia Zobel Elizalde SSI MEGA
As founder and director of Steps Dance Studio and Steps Dance Project, Sofia Zobel Elizalde aims to promote, shape, and celebrate the history of Filipino dance.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero

Heart Evangelista-Escudero SSI MEGA
Heart is ever-evolving and has become the face of the modern woman. Empowered, outspoken, and confident, all the while exploring her creativity and passions in art and fashion.
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