Standout Holiday Beauty Moments at the Star Magical Christmas 2023

Standout Holiday Beauty Moments at the Star Magical Christmas 2023


From Chie Filomeno’s jaw-dropping transformation to Belle Mariano’s holiday beauty trend, these are the most memorable beauty looks at the Star Magical Christmas 2023

The arrival of the holiday season often calls for a celebration—one notion that is aligned with the Star Magical Christmas 2023. Inside the Manila Marriott Hotel, celebrities, creatives, and honorable guests donned artful takes on the theme of “Everything Christmas.” Playful references and jaw-dropping interpretations fronted most headlines, but those were not all we kept an eye on. The beauty transformations certainly became one of the night’s biggest highlights.

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Maymay Entrata Star Magical Christmas Makeup

From Chie Filomeno’s stunning new look to Belle Mariano introducing a new holiday beauty trend, the star-studded event was a site for hair and makeup inspirations. Below, we listed the most memorable beauty moments from the Star Magical Christmas 2023. 

Chie Filomeno 

Chie Filomeno Star Magical Christmas Makeup

Holiday affairs wouldn’t be complete without show-stopping transformations, and Chie Filomeno understood that. Arriving in an embellished catsuit and extravagant white wings, the actress certainly commanded attention. But her wardrobe was not the only thing that made our hearts beat. She also made an unexpected switch to a dirty blonde hair hue! That is to say, she has what it takes to be the next Filipina Victoria’s Secret Angel. 

Belle Mariano 

Belle Mariano Star Magical Christmas Makeup
Photo: BELLE MARIANO (via Instagram)

It appears that Barbiecore remains an undisputed beauty power move. Need proof? Take a cue from Belle Mariano who looked like a real-life doll at the star-studded event. Courtesy of Jake Galvez, the makeup artist opted for a brown palette inspired by the ever-popular 2019 Holiday Barbie. Her interpretation of a voluminous side-parted down-do deserves equal recognition too. And with this, we can’t help but wonder: Is there a Barbie and Belle Mariano collaboration coming anytime soon? 

Andrea Brillantes

Blythe Star Magical Christmas Makeup

Yes, holiday beauty trends come and go, but as for Andrea Brillantes? The “I’m Cold Makeup” look is forever. Think of ​​soft matte skin, shimmered lids, and a sweep of a bright pink blush—the look is set to capture the natural flush your skin gets when met with colder weather. Moreover, makeup artist Marben Talanay strategically added shimmer on the top of her lids and the bottom of her lash line to create a douyin effect. 

Maymay Entrata

Maymay Entrata Star Magical Christmas Makeup

Maymay Entrata officially gave the frosty eyeshadow look her seal of approval. At the Star Magical Christmas 2023, the actress was spotted with icy white lids—one power move that can easily encapsulate the holiday feel in any beauty look. Pro tip: Choosing the right product is critical in recreating the look. As for the best option? Reach for a cream-to-powder formula. Compared to powdered eyeshadows, it’s easier to apply and control. 

Loisa Andalio 

Loisa Andalio Star Magical Christmas Makeup

No other holiday beauty category can encapsulate timeless elegance than a swish of a shimmering palette, and Loisa Andalio would agree. Artfully done by RB Chanco, she introduced a refreshing take on angelic makeup. As for the twist? The makeup artist omitted the pinks and focused on a bronzed and peached palette instead. It might appear subtle, but it packs a punch in creativity, the kind of look that effortlessly garners compliments. 

Featured Image: BELLE MARIANO (via Instagram)

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