Standout Moments From the Recent Bekenemen Viewing Party For Drag Race Philippines

Standout Moments From the Recent Bekenemen Viewing Party For Drag Race Philippines


We are recapping the night filled with outstanding drag, screams, gay gasps, and jaw-on-the-floor moments.

“We came here for the mess and the chaos,” trumpeted party host Baus Rufo after seeing the latest episode of Drag Race Philippines. The audience erupted with cheers laced with YAAAS while picking up their jaws on the floor. While episode 1 gave us sparkles, episode 2 (with Untucked) was the grand pyro-Olympics! It had the perfect mix that turns a show into gold: riveting drama, fascinating storylines, iconic phrases, instigation, camp, shiny things, and amazing drag.

The episode opened the gates to gay heaven, but the live events ushered us in, giving all of us the unparalleled joy only drag can provide. Here’s a breakdown of what happened that night:

Myx Chanel opened with a performance of “Super Shy” by NewJeans.

Myx Chanel at Bekenemen Viewing Party

ØV CÜNT was a vision in her promo look designed by Jaggy Glarino. Known for her unconventional take on style and design, ØV translated the Tropical Island theme into something cutting-edge that resulted in taking the oxygen out of my lungs. The queen of Etivac even launched a fashion vlog called Fashionary on her Instagram to share the process behind her looks.

ØV CÜNT at Bekenemen Viewing Party

The reigning Drag Cartel All Stars winner had their first performance at Bekenemen. “May NDA kami,” said Margaux, to which Baus responded with, “That’s why a certain queen is in town to film a certain show.” I know you can piece that together.

“So surreal,” an overwhelmed Feyvah Fatalé said right after her number, which received thunderous love from the audience. “It’s time na makita ng ibang tao ‘yung Cubao drag kasi sobrang laro lang siya,” she added while also pertaining to Drag Race Philippines Season 2’s Arizona Brandy. 

Feyvah Fatalé at Bekenemen Viewing Party

“This is what drag is about, you know,” Drag Race Philippines Season 1 finalist Eva Le Queen said after her well-received performance of a Roselle Nava ballad. She ingeniously tied the classic song to a viral spoken word to make a political message. “It’s drag, and it’s entertaining, and it’s also an instrument to talk about important things.” Funny, powerful, and utterly clever. Yes, Eva, Yes!

Eva Le Queen at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Astrid Mercury was left emotional while watching her elimination, and it definitely pulled some heartstrings.

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 Queens at Bekenemen Viewing Party

“A reality star was born tonight,” declared Baus. “That moment of you asking Veruschka to turn around—take us through that TV gold that we just witnessed.” ØV CÜNT responded, “When it’s right, it’s right. We just tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Yes, gawd!”

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 Queens at Bekenemen Viewing Party

ØV CÜNT announced, albeit jokingly, that she was releasing a cover of RuPaul’s song and went on to sing to the tune of “Glamazon.” “Sashay! Shantay! PULL OUT ON THE RUNWAY!” We were all born so we could die laughing at that exact moment.

ÖV CÜNT at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Myx Chanel was definitely ripe and ready.

Myx Chanel at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Astrid Mercury had a moving and soul-stirring performance of Pink’s “Fuckin’ Perfect.” The latest eliminated queen of Drag Race Philippines Season 2 said she chose the song to help her realize that “even though you fucked up on a competition, it will not define you as a person.”

Astrid Mercury at Bekenemen Viewing Party

The esoteric Bratz doll wowed us with her “Feather You Like It Or Not” runway look from the last episode, and it was even more spectacular in person! M1ss Jade So gave us “1000 Doves” by Lady Gaga, which beautifully transported us back to Chromatica.

M1ss Jade So at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Matilduh’s Beyonce medley shattered the ground beneath our feet.

Matilduh at Bekenemen Viewing Party

We are never going to leave Chromatica! ØV CÜNT closed the show with Lady Gaga’s “911.”

ØV CÜNT at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Photography by KIM ANGELA SANTOS

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