Star Magic Celebrity-Approved Holiday Beauty Trends to Try This Season

Star Magic Celebrity-Approved Holiday Beauty Trends to Try This Season


The festive season is upon us and for those searching for holiday beauty inspiration, turn to these celebrities.

From the gift planning, the party dress shopping, to the beauty moodboard plotting, ‘tis the season when holiday soirée invitations start to roll in, and with it comes the notion of finding the right beauty inspiration for every occasion on your calendar. But fret not as you should see it as a form of beauty indulgence. After all, it’s the time of the year when beauty lovers can finally reconcile with shimmering shadows, vibrant pink blushes, and rich rouge lipsticks—products that are as much a part of the experience as the scene itself.

Elisse Joson Holiday Makeup Trend
Photo: ELISSE JOSON (via Instagram)

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As for beauty inspirations? Luckily, there’s a plethora of celebrity-approved entries that can help you ring in the season. From Sofia Andres’ take on the ever-popular red wine makeup to Janine Gutierrez’s signature honey latte look, these are some of the scene-stealing holiday looks to try.  

A twist on a holiday red lip

Sofia Andres Holiday Makeup Trend
Photo: SOFIA ANDRES (via Instagram)

The beauty menu continues to expand with looks inspired by food and beverages, but it appears that the latest muse is one thing that can be heralded as a holiday staple. Case in point? Red wine. Take a cue from Sofia Andres. The actress donned a harmony of fresh skin, naked lids, and a statement lip. While the concept is nothing new, the look is more focused on the collective energy it radiates to—the art of sexiness and sophistication. 

A look that is as sweet as a honey latte 

Janine Gutierrez Holiday Makeup Trend
Photo: ANTHEA BUENO (via Instagram)

It’s certainly a big year for latte makeup, but there’s no surprise since the beauty world can never resist the appeal of an effortless summer bronze. As for the perfect beauty inspiration? Take a cue from Janine Gutierrez and Anne Curtis. Decoding the work of Anthea Bueno, the makeup format features a harmony of brown eyeshadows, sculpted cheeks, warm bronzy powders, and nude lips. That is to say, It’s a fitting monochromatic makeup trend that perfectly complements any holiday ensemble. 

A little bit of shimmer and shine

Belle Mariano Holiday Makeup Trend
Photo: BELLE MARIANO (via Instagram)

Prismatic eye looks are undeniably a popular beauty choice for the holiday season. After all, a swipe of glitter can take any makeup to the next level. As seen on Belle Mariano, the shimmered pigment gave a new life to her nude eyeshadow. It’s more soft-toned than the preceding looks, making it a perfect choice for anyone eyeing a subtle way to wear sparkles. 

Featured Image: ANTHEA BUENO (via Instagram)

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