Let the Force Be With You with the Star Wars X Bata Capsule Collection

Let the Force Be With You with the Star Wars X Bata Capsule Collection


Star Wars fans and sneaker heads unite! Czech-born shoe brand Bata has collaborated with intergalactic movie phenomenon that is Star Wars! A collaboration featuring the Bata Bullet and Bata Tennis shoes, the capsule collection features 5 new designs for the said pairs. According to Charles Pignal, Bata Group Heritage director, “The retro feel of the original Star Wars by George Lucas was the starting point of the collaboration, as it echoes the legacy of Bata, a company started in 1894 that still produces its iconic styles today,”. Here are the different styles that will be perfect for you next intergalactic expedition:

Inspired by the Baltimore Bullets basketball team of the 60s, the Bullet shoes was relaunched back in 2016 to reflect the brand’s value of endurance. For the capsule collection, Bata sheos gives you an option to which side you want to join. The dark side in the form of the black canvas shoe with the red Star Wars patch as well as a red lightsaber at the back or the The Force embodied by the white canvas sneaker with the blue patch and piping as well as the blue lightsaber at the back.

Created for the school children in India to wear for their Physical Education classes back in 1936, the Bata Tennis pair continues to be one of Bata’s best selling shoes. The Tennis model is now revamped into iconic Star Wars character as the canvas shoes are printed on with the faces of Darth Vader, R2D2 and the iconic Stormtrooper.

The Star Wars X Bata Capsule collection is now available in Bata SM Megamall

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