Stars from the Sparkle GMA Artist Center Glowed at the MEGA Ball

Stars from the Sparkle GMA Artist Center Glowed at the MEGA Ball


With more than two decades of experience under its belt, the Sparkle GMA Artist Center continues to bring the brightest stars into the spotlight.

Adaptability and longevity—these are the two things that perhaps every artist aspires in their career. Imagine withstanding the changing tides of trends and staying relevant through it all; there is no exact formula to how an artist can achieve that.

Perhaps the key to keeping the light on is also having a support system that takes good care of you. With the boons and banes of show business, one can easily get carried away. But if there’s someone you can trust, then that’s more than enough.

The Sparkle GMA Artist Center is one of the paragons for ensuring that artists adapt in the world glitz and glam. From established names such as Heart Evangelista to the new group Sparkada, the artist center just continues to produce artists whose shine will linger on through their management.

In this year’s MEGA Ball, these stars showed us how their sparkle spiced up their glam rock looks:

Alden Richards

Despite his busy schedule taping for the upcoming Filipino adaptation of Start-Up, Alden attended the ball and was even hailed as one of the best dressed that night.

Bianca Umali

Did you know that the actress sported a blonde wig to spice up her Mega Ball look? She’s definitely a doll that night!

Ruru Madrid

Another best dressed last on our list, Ruru rocked this glitter suit with ease. He will be starring in the new series, Lolong, this July.

Cassy Legaspi

This blooming actress rocked a Euphoria-inspired makeup that elevated her black slitted gown. More than just a pretty face, she is also showing her acting skills in First Lady.

Mavy Legaspi

Sharing his twin sister’s good looks, Mavy gave us a Harry Styles-inspired ensemble in this year’s ball.

Kyline Alcantara

Known as the Sparkle Sweetheart, Kyline surely dazzled in the ball with her sleek look that night. Did you know that besides acting, singing, and dancing, she can also host? Just recently, she did a reporting stint in 24 Oras.

Derrick Monasterio and Elle Villanueva

Deeming each other as partners in crime, the pair is starring in the upcoming series Return to Paradise. Their chemistry in the Mega Ball is one of a kind!

Rabiya Mateo

The Golden Girl has always looked good in shades of yellow, but her golden look for the ball made her shine all through the night!

Megan Young

One of the most eloquent beauty queens up to date, Megan has hosted in several events, including the Mega Ball.

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