Steal His Style: Dressing Like Donny Pangilinan

Steal His Style: Dressing Like Donny Pangilinan


Get ready to elevate your style game with these exclusive insider tips and insights from Donny Pangilinan’s personal stylist, John Lozano

As part of MEGA Man’s mission to make men’s fashion and grooming more approachable, we’re launching an exciting new series called “Steal His Style.” To get things rolling, we’re starting this conversation strong with one of the most accomplished gentlemen of his time—Donny Pangilinan.

In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Donny’s trusted personal stylist, John Lozano, shares tips and tricks for effortlessly nailing the actor’s sense of style. From the finest accessories to the most dapper outfits, here are some valuable style lessons that any man can incorporate into his wardrobe.

Getting to know Donny’s style

Donny Pangilinan Fashion

According to John, the actor’s fashion preference strikes a great balance between a laid-back vibe and a willingness to experiment with new looks. “Donny is a very classic guy. He likes looks that are simple, easy, and comfortable. But recently, we have been slowly trying out new things—nothing too crazy though,” John elaborated.

The stylist went on to say that they don’t follow or look to anyone in particular for inspiration when it comes to Donny’s look. According to him, the actor prefers to dress in whatever makes him feel comfortable and appropriate for the occasion while still looking sharp and sophisticated. “If there’s one rule we live by, it’s to keep it simple, clean, and classy.”

Relaxed yet stylish wardrobe

How to dress like Donny Pangilinan
Photo: DONNY (via Instagram)

John stated that Donny is a “t-shirt kind of guy,” so  when it comes to casual wear, you can definitely expect him to sport a good pair of t-shirt and jeans. He continued by saying that they’ve recently taken an affinity for the actor’s fitted shirt, baggy trousers, and cool, plain sneakers style.

In addition to the classic t-shirts, the stylist revealed that pullovers are another absolute must-have in the gentleman’s fashion arsenal. When it comes to the color, John added that you’ll certainly spot an abundance of sleek black ensembles adorning Donny, as it happens to be the actor’s favorite color. 

If there’s one valuable lesson any man can take away from Donny’s effortlessly stylish looks, it’s that you don’t have to break the bank to exude sartorial excellence. Fashion, after all, is about embracing the confidence that comes with donning the right attire. “I guess that’s the best way to look put together without even spending much. Basic pieces will always go a long way, and Donny has mastered this effortless look really well.”

The signature red carpet look

Donny Pangilinan
Photo: CHAPTERS PH (via Instagram)

When it comes to formal attire, John divulged that he’s been embracing a touch of boldness in Donny’s style choices. However, he said that he’s careful not to go overboard. Instead, he’s tastefully incorporating subtle hints of flair to elevate the actor’s overall look. “We try to put twists on the usual suits with details or sometimes play with silhouettes.” 

John cited Donny’s exquisite and eye-catching look from the ABS-CBN prom as an example. One cannot forget the sartorial choice they made by donning an impeccably tailored, oversized suit, complete with a lace inner layer. This definitely did not only elevate the prom king’s overall look, but also added an element of surprise that captivated all onlookers. “In that event, we managed to show a different side of Donny, but still in an elegant way,” the stylist reminisced.

John wants to stress that when it comes to formal attire, the key factor that cannot be overlooked is the perfect fit. According to the stylist, it is crucial for the outfit to have an appropriate fit, whether it’s a sleek and slim look or a more relaxed and baggy style to ensure a dapper and refined appearance.

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Dapper details

Donny Pangilinan
Photo: DONNY (via Instagram)

According to the stylist, accessorizing plays an essential part in Donny’s personal style. He shared that the actor has a penchant for incorporating sleek glasses, trendy caps, and even stylish earrings into his laid-back ensembles. In addition to that, John revealed that Donny has a passion for watches and said that Rolex is the actor’s ultimate choice when it comes to timepieces.

His grooming game

Donny Pangilinan
Photo: DONNY (via Instagram)

In terms of grooming, John shared that Donny exhibits dedication to maintaining a clean and fresh appearance—a trait that every man should absolutely aspire to develop. “I guess it’s part of looking effortless without breaking the bank. Just keep everything simple and clean, and you will look polished for sure,” John said.

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The stylist’s notes

Donny Pangilinan

To wrap up this style discourse, John graciously imparted invaluable insights that every gentleman can benefit from regarding Donny’s distinctive personal style. First, do not overcomplicate matters when it comes to style. Second, simplicity often holds the power to make the most significant impact. Third, achieving a polished appearance doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. All you need is the perfect fit and the confidence to rock it. And last but not least, to truly conquer the style game, never let the fashion fads around you intimidate you. “We hope Donny is the perfect example of not needing to be a slave to trends but still looking stylish,” John concluded.


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