Steal His Style: Dressing Like Every SB19 Member

Steal His Style: Dressing Like Every SB19 Member


Step into the style vault of SB19 through the eyes of their stylists, Rain Dagala and Em Milan

The reigning stars of P-Pop, also known as SB19, aren’t just known for their music, but also for their fashion game. In this Steal His Style chapter, dive into their world of distinctive styles as Rain Dagala and Em Milan discusses their fashion secrets. Join us on a sartorial adventure as we decode their signature looks and their essential wardrobe pieces, all from the stylists’ perspective.

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Justin’s clean aesthetic

According to the stylists, Justin is the epitome of effortless elegance. “He is always dressed thoughtfully and appropriately for any occasion, and never misses even the tiniest of detail.”

Justin De Dios' fashion
Photo: JUSTIN DE DIOS (via Instagram)

When it comes to styling him, they opt for clean lines, a tonal palette, and minimal accessories, keeping it timeless and sophisticated. “He’s still young, so we’re sure we haven’t seen the last of him, and surely he will change and grow with the times,” they added. Some of the key pieces in Justin’s wardrobe include knitwear and trousers in the creamiest khaki and neutral shades.

Pablo’s genderless dressing

The stylist raved about the unique ability of SB19’s Pablo to embrace his femininity and challenge gender norms through his fashion choices. “[He] has a penchant for clothes that are deconstructed and undone—he always pulls them off,” they mentioned.

Pablo's fashion choices

To steal a bit of his distinctive style, opt for loose or fitted clothing in muted, understated colors. Focus on experimenting with silhouettes and blending elements to create unconventional shapes. Think of it as a fusion of Eastern-inspired techwear that effortlessly balances utility, comfort, and high-style appeal.

Ken’s bold appeal

“He is fearless, and he doesn’t flinch from wearing the trickiest fashion choices. He has that natural gift of sartorial cool and never backs down from even the most complex clothing choices.” These were the stylists’ words when asked about Ken’s sense of style.

SB19 Ken's sense of style
Photo: KEN SUSON (via Instagram)

According to Rain and Em, Felip is a man who boldly marches to his own fashion beat. He’s a master at selling even the most challenging looks, like Rick Owens, Balenciaga, and Vetements. If you peek into his wardrobe, you’ll find standout pieces like cropped leather jackets, stylish flare trousers, and cowboy boots that complete his distinctive style.

Stell’s modern menswear magic

Stell, a true free spirit, blazes his own fashion trail with a courage to defy conventions. The SB19 member’s choices not only push the boundaries of traditional menswear, but also manage to strike the perfect balance between boldness and sophistication. According to Rain and Em, it’s all amplified by the idol’s natural charisma and magnetic appeal.

Stell's signature look
Photo: VESTER AJERO (via Instagram)

When it comes to his signature style, think dazzling tailoring combined with a penchant for sheer silk shirts and sleek leather trousers. “Classy can be trendy at the same time. He looks equally smashing in suede jackets, printed shirts, and dark denim for a more casual scene,” the stylists added. 

Josh’s swag mastery

Last but definitely not least, there’s Josh, the embodiment of all that’s exhilarating in contemporary streetwear fashion. From rocking oversized fits to mastering the art of layering with flair and thoughtful accessorizing, Josh’s style oozes swag and confidence. “Whether he is dressed in casual attire or a nicely tailored suit, he has a pretty snazzy street style that is his own.”

Josh Cullen's style
Photo: JOSH CULLEN (via Instagram)

To channel a bit of his sartorial magic, consider going shirtless beneath well-tailored pieces while adorning yourself with lavish layers of jewelry. Dive into experimenting with wardrobe essentials like oversized shirts, parachute pants, and chunky platform sneakers to infuse that Josh-like cool into your look.

The stylist’s notes

Beyond the clothing itself, Rain, Em, and the team strive to capture the essence of each member’s unique style. “We have always believed in consistency, so we always make sure that their style DNA is embedded in all of their looks, whether formal, casual, or even off-duty.” Without a doubt, the members’ distinct sartorial choices are a testament to how SB19 isn’t just setting trends in music; they’re also leaving a fashionable mark on the scene.

Photos and Video: SB19 (via Instagram)

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