Steal His Style: Dressing Like Miguel Tanfelix

Steal His Style: Dressing Like Miguel Tanfelix


Peek into the wardrobe secrets of Miguel Tanfelix as MEGA Man chats with the actor’s go-to stylist, Macky Combe

In this chapter of Steal His Style, we bring one of GMA’s prominent leading men, Miguel Tanfelix. As he grew up in the spotlight, we’ve seen this 25-year-old gentleman’s journey of evolution, not just in his acting prowess, but also in his fashion finesse. 

For an insider’s view into the actor’s signature style, MEGA Man had an exclusive conversation with his trusted stylist, Macky Combe. Get ready to explore everything about Miguel’s distinct fashion sense, from wardrobe choices to the finer details.

Macky Combe shares Miguel Tanfelix's signature style

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On working with Miguel

According to Macky, his half-decade collaboration with Miguel allowed him to witness and be a part of the actor’s journey into manhood, making the task of crafting his style during that period quite challenging. “The process was enjoyable, and it let me get to know him better. I need to come up with looks that are appropriate for this phase,” he shared. The stylist added that eventually, Miguel’s ability to express his fashion tastes improved significantly, with him becoming more daring and open to guidance, as noted in his style transformation.

Miguel Tanfelix's style transformation
Photo: MIGUEL TANFELIX (via Instagram)

His formal fashion feats

Being one of the current generation’s most sought-after actors, it comes as no surprise to witness the Kapuso star gracing various prestigious gatherings. When asked about their pre-event preparations, Macky reveals, “He normally gives me his opinion on how he wants to appear at the occasion. We then exchange ideas, which I may use to create the greatest possible look.” He also stresses that their primary objectives remain consistent: ensuring the attire resonates with the actor’s persona and gives him a sense of confidence and comfort.

Miguel Tanfelix signature formalwear style

One of their standout moments has to be Miguel’s suave presence at the first GMA Gala Ball, where he donned an exquisitely beaded Michael Cinco ombré suit, which undoubtedly ranks among the night’s most memorable ensembles. Furthermore, his choice of attire at the Voltes V Legacy premiere, featuring an Alambrè burgundy captain suit, is equally commendable. The outfit clearly achieved their aim which was to bring a contemporary twist into a classic look.

Where comfort meets character

The Miguel Tanfelix casual looks
Photo: MIGUEL TANFELIX (via Instagram)

For days when a more easygoing vibe is in order, Macky noted that they keep things uncomplicated and gravitate towards classic casual attire. Yet, he clarified,  “We choose a more relaxed approach, [but still] conveys his personality and is effortlessly fashionable for [laid-back] occasions.”

Strategic embellishments

Miguel Tanfelix accessories

While they fully grasp the transformative potential of accessories, Macky emphasized that he advises Miguel to skip them when the outfit itself is already a statement. He noted, “If further pieces are required, a straightforward necklace and several rings will finish the overall look.” However, when it comes to performance attire, that’s the time they boldly experiment with striking accents, be it necklaces, belts, or harnesses—any additional accessories that contribute to the overall look are welcome, as long as Miguel feels confident in them.

Crafting the perfect look 

Miguel Tanfelix's style
Photo: MIGUEL TANFELIX (via Instagram)

The stylist expressed with admiration that Miguel’s self-styling prowess when it comes to hair is truly praiseworthy. Furthermore, he shared that the actor finds joy in experimenting with various hairstyles, especially after visualizing the complete ensemble to ensure they complement each other seamlessly. When it comes to makeup, Macky emphasized that Miguel’s preference consistently revolves around achieving a naturally polished look.

The stylist’s notes

Macky Combe's styling tips

In concluding our discussion, we turned to the stylist for insights and guidance that men can draw from Miguel’s fashion journey. Macky wrapped it up by advising, “First, ask yourself how you envision yourself in that particular look. If you think you can pull it off with confidence and comfortability, then go for it. Second, your style should reflect your personality. Third, style and comfort must be your priority, along with being neat, as it is a must to carry the look effortlessly.”


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