Steal Maymay Entrata's #MakingMegainGermany Premiere Look!

Steal Maymay Entrata's #MakingMegainGermany Premiere Look!


Many of our guests at tonight’s #MakingMegainGermany caught our attention for their bold beauty choices. One of our favorite looks to date, however, goes to the star of the night herself, Maymay Entrata!
Looking as romantic as a princess isn’t exactly easy to pull off. There are so many elements that could clash when wrongly matched together, but the details of rising star Maymay and Vivo Smartphone Ambassador’s look show us that she is quickly turning into a woman of grace.

Complimenting her dream-like Mark Bumgarner gown (and her partner Edward Barber’s look as well), the star went with nude-pink tones on her lips and eyes, with a feline flick that added a dramatic and edgy touch. Fresh and youthful, her makeup looked perfect for the occasion. For her hair, she decided to go with a braided bun—a classy choice that was made more contemporary as it was embellished with silver flakes.

If there is one thing to take away from this look, it is that even the smallest details can add a dramatic flair to any outfit.
Text by Marella Ricketts

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