Step Inside The 4 Themed Vignettes Of The MEGA Equality Ball

Step Inside The 4 Themed Vignettes Of The MEGA Equality Ball


A crowd favorite of MEGA’s annual ball is the themed photo booths, of course. This year, four of the country’s most talented photographers—Dookie Ducay, Shaira Luna, Seven Barretto and Doc Marlon Pecjo—delighted guests with their one-of-a-kind themes. Scroll to see more about their work for the MEGA Equality Ball:

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1. Dookie Ducay

Heart Evangelista – Escudero
Kiana Valenciano

Upon first entering the MEGA Millennial Ball, Dookie Ducay’s booth will instantly catch your attention. With vines and greens surrounding you, your photo will be given a crisp, dramatic flair—something the photographer has always been known for.

2. Shaira Luna

Vern & Verniece Enciso
Issa Pressman

Dreamy as always, Shaira Luna came up with a similar version of her photo booth last year, with white drapes as her booth’s main feature. “I like to think of this my room,” she simply says.

3. Seven Barretto

Once you step inside fashion and beauty photographer Seven Barretto’s booth, you are instantly transported to a breezy beach destination, complete with details such as sand.

4. Doc Marlon Pecjo

Laura Lehmann
Chie Filomeno

Known for pushing boundaries with his edgy photography style, one wouldn’t know what to expect from Doc Marlon Pecjo. With a focus on metallics, his mirrored booth was fun and cutting edge.

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