Stepping Beyond Stardom: Former Child Star Basty Alcances’ Streetwear Venture

Stepping Beyond Stardom: Former Child Star Basty Alcances’ Streetwear Venture


Having started his career as a child actor, Basty Alcances has already forayed into the fashion scene by establishing his own clothing line

Once a prominent child star, Basty Alcances took a significant hiatus from the showbiz spotlight, ultimately redirecting his career towards entrepreneurship. Today, he proudly takes his place as the visionary driving force behind his thriving streetwear line.

In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, he took us behind the scenes of his journey, opened up about the life-altering choices that brought him here, and provided a sneak peek into his promising future plans.

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Living past the role

The former actor shared that after stepping away from the spotlight of showbiz, he dedicated himself to his academic pursuits, embracing the life of an ordinary teenager. “I started exploring new hobbies like playing basketball and e-sports,” he added.

The stylish start

He said he had no idea when or why he became interested in fashion, particularly streetwear, but that he believes his desire to present himself well has always been connected to his interest in fashion. “I guess my sense [of] style and how I want to look good develop as I grow up. Mostly, I was drawn to western fashion trends and trendsetters like Jerry Lorenzo, Kanye West, etc.”

His clothing line

Together with his brother, Basty founded the label CLOUT, which they describe as avant-garde menswear. It is a fusion of elevated basics and workwear, and is aimed at those who are primarily into streetwear style.

Photo: CLOUT (via Instagram)

“I started my brand, CLOUT, somewhere in June 2018 with its first collection. Before establishing the brand, I was into customized pants. I had most of my pants custom made before because I wanted them specifically tailored according to my preferred size and design that exactly fit me,” the 24-year-old entrepreneur recalled.

From this, Basty drew the conclusion that many others could also have difficulty obtaining their preferred fit, so he set out to create a business that caters to people of all shapes and sizes by allowing their items to be tailored to the individual’s request. 

Embracing a new spotlight 

Basty said that, in the beginning, he struggled with setting up his own line due to a lack of business knowledge and resources. “Although my family has [already had a] few businesses before, none of them are related to clothes or similar to it.” He elaborated that his first launch involved many tries and fails, as well as extensive study and feedback from early customers. But despite the challenges, the young entrepreneur mentioned that the opportunity to create designs that perfectly align with his taste is an absolute thrill, and witnessing his vision materialize into reality is an experience like no other.

Showbiz roots revisited

When asked how his fellow former child stars have shown support for this venture, Basty shared that due to everyone’s hectic schedules, it has been quite a while since they had the opportunity to catch up in person. Nevertheless, he assured that their relationships remain strong, as evidenced by their mutual following on various social media platforms. He added that through these digital channels, his friends in show business express their support for his brand by sharing its content with their own followers.

In addition, the former Goin’ Bulilit star teased an upcoming collaboration with Dagul that would be shown on his YouTube channel. When asked whether this was a start toward his return to the entertainment scene, Basty said, “It depends. For now, I am focused on expanding my brand and exploring opportunities for new businesses. But I am always open to opportunities and projects in the showbiz industry.”

The parting word

To wrap up our chat, Basty shared a little advice for other young people who are considering starting their own businesses. As he reflected on his past experiences, he stressed the value of working on projects that you’re passionate about. “You will only find fulfillment and success when you really love what you’re doing,” he concluded.

Photos: BASTY ALCANCES (via Instagram)

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