Still Keeping Secrets? Open up and Embrace Them Instead

Still Keeping Secrets? Open up and Embrace Them Instead


People like to keep secrets. Big or small, we’ve all preferred to keep some things private rather than share them with other people. There’s an underlying fear that these things will embarrass or bring us shame. We would rather protect our image and keep it that way without the stain of those secrets. But with the rising need for transparency in these times, it’s high time we bring out the skeletons in our closet.

Bringing the secrets we have kept in the dark for so long out in the world can seem like a scary move especially if you’re the kind of person who likes their privacy. But opening up and embracing your secrets can relieve you of the burden of carrying those things with you everyday. Letting those secrets be known can lift a weight off your chest and let you learn to live and love yourself in a new way. Just take a cue from these girls who have broken their silence on their best-kept secrets and are now living more freely:

Don’t be afraid to let your secrets be known. Share them unabashedly and live your life openly and truthfully.

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