Stop! You’ve Been Using Your Serum Wrong

Stop! You’ve Been Using Your Serum Wrong


Maximize the power of your serum with the right way of using it!

For the longest time, we have all been told about the 10-step skin care routine that promises us glass skin. This trend has been taking over and a bunch of Korean brands has also penetrated our markets. Easily, some of their products have also been our favorites. Not only because they carry all-natural ingredients but it’s also because it’s perfect for our skin type. The third step on any skincare routine is the serum but if you’re a fan of K-Beauty, you’re probably using this serum wrong.

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One of the well-loved products of Innisfree is their Green Tea Seed Serum. Even before the brand’s arrival in the Philippines, a lot of people have already been in love with this product. With its perfect consistency and moisture, the product has long been a part of a lady’s skincare routine. But you’re probably confused when to use this product. According to Innisfree’s Jet Guison, the green teas seed serum is a boosting serum. It, therefore, boosts moisture right after cleansing. Here are a few things you should remember when trying the product:

Three Seconds

The product must be applied 3 seconds right after cleansing. This is the type of serum, you’ll keep beside your oil, foam, and water cleanser. Right after the first step of any skincare routine, pump once or twice (depending on your moisturization needs) at the back of your hand and apply, forehead first. This will immediately boost the level of moisture on your face adding to the healthy dewy glow of glass skin.

Second Step

Make sure to squeeze your boosting serum right in between cleansing and toner. This only applies to any moisturizing boosting serum other types of serum may still be done after doing your toner.


Serums may be used on different parts of your body. They may be put on any area that’s dry and needs an extra touch of moisture. Oftentimes, it’s the shoulders, elbows, knees, ankle bones, and even heels. Any part of the body that sweats a lot would need extra moisture as sweat makes your skin dry.

Zero Worries

If you’re worried that it might be too thick to be absorbed by your skin, you shouldn’t. This boosting serum is absorbed immediately by the skin allowing more room for moisture. If you’re aiming for glass skin, it’s best to use this religiously day and night.

Innisfree is located at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia.

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