Strawberry Makeup and the Beauty World’s Obsession With Food

Strawberry Makeup and the Beauty World’s Obsession With Food


It’s no secret that latte makeup effortlessly captured the approval of the beauty sphere. Imagine, it has taken over social media by storm with personalities like Anne Curtis and Georgina Wilson sharing their versions of the trend. Soon after, espresso makeup was born with what many lauded as the femme fatale version of the look—but it doesn’t stop there. With new beauty entries like strawberry makeup and cherry cola lips taking the spotlight, it begs the question: is food the latest beauty muse? 

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Strawberry Makeup

Let’s be clear—the history between food and makeup can be traced back to the past. Think more of kohl as eyeliners, berries as cheek stains, and beet juice as makeshift lipsticks. In the realm of today, many beauty brands have also practiced food-inspired packaging, advertising, and formulations. The phenomenon is nothing new. To say the least, it makes so much sense considering that food and beauty have long been intertwined. 

Strawberry Makeup

Hailey Bieber has surpassed her glazed donut legacy with a new summer-inspired look. Enter: Strawberry Makeup. Coming in at 114.8 million views on TikTok, the look is mainly focused on red-based blushes and lipsticks to achieve the perfect flushed look. The beauty trendsetter luckily took to social media with a full tutorial. She began prepping her skin with Rhode’s Glazing Milk essence and Peptide Glazing Fluid. Next, she brushes up her brows and applies cream bronzer, concealer, cream blushes, and a peachy highlighter. 

strawberry makeup
Photo: HAILEY BIEBER (via Instagram)

The model then added bronzer to her lids and a light flick of eyeliner to add definition to her eye. Another eye-catching detail of her look? The faux-freckles. In her video, she delicately drew in small dots on the bridge of her nose to capture a natural look and feel. She completed the makeup with her lip formula composed of lip liner, cream blushes, and lip peptide treatment. 

Matcha Latte Makeup 

matcha latte makeup elisse joson

Zoe Kim Kenealy has introduced a new twist to the latte makeup trend with a look inspired by matcha. “It’s going to be warm and seductive and all those elements,” she explained. “But it’s going to be green and creamy on the eyes.” In her tutorial, the beauty content creator followed the same bronzed-base technique of the coffee-inspired look. The key to achieving her version? Swish on a milky green eyeshadow on the lid and add a shimmery smoked-out green on the bottom lash line. 

Cherry Cola Lips 

cherry cola lips elisse joson

The online beauty community proved that the thirst-quenching drink can be the most visually-appealing lip muse. The cherry cola lip trend is all about capturing the rich red and brown tones of a classic soda with a touch of sheer gloss for that signature juicy vibe. Achieve the look by lining and filling out the corner of your lips with a red-brown liner. Once accomplished, apply a red lip with a focus on the center of your lips and blend the color out.

Featured Image: HAILEY BIEBER (via Instagram)

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