Style Your Denim 4 Ways According To This Korean Fashionista

Style Your Denim 4 Ways According To This Korean Fashionista


Starting out as an assistant for top Korean entertainment company YG, Si Won Zu, stylist and style icon, frequented the Philippines with her client and friend, Sandara Park, citing Palawan as a favorite destination. From favorite trends to her shopping haunts, we run down her personal style philosophy and challenged her to style her favorite versatile piece—the perfectly slouchy denim pants—in four ways in this Megastyle exclusive. 

What do you wear when you’re working?
I don’t really have restrictions for my attire when I am on the job. There used to be a time when I would dress comfortably due to the fact that stylists are required to carry heavy loads of clothes. In fact, most stylists prefer to dress comfortably while working. However, I began working in this field because of my love for clothes, and it ultimately made me not want to look shabby while working. Nowadays, no matter what others tell me, I rock crop tops, skirts, walker, and pretty much whatever I feel like wearing on that day. I’m glad that my peers consider my style fresh, rather than comfortable.
Comfort or style?
Since I have a small figure, I can easily look like a kid from the neighborhood if I dress comfortably. At times, people mistake me for an underaged person when I’m dressed in cozy clothes, so I try to dress up as much as possible. I usually wear skinny pants with a belt, and a tight top. I also wear heels even though it’s uncomfortable.
Do you repeat outfits?

Of course, dressing up in different styles every day of the year is difficult. Even if you purchase tons of clothing pieces, I feel like your daily style is limited. I switch up some jewelry and accessories. It is rare but when I like a certain outfit, I’d wear it often and my friends would make fun of me for it.
What’s your personal style?
I mix kitsch and fancy—pretty much whatever I am in the mood for. It depends on the time, place, and occasion too. I enjoy dressing up in kitsch style, but for some reason, not so much in Korea, but more when I’m in America and Japan. I usually wear loose or rough pants with a girly top. I go for simpler things—If I wear large earrings, I omit belts or necklaces. I want people to be inspired when they see me.
Favorite trend?
There are too many trends to keep up with each year. Collections that focus on color tones really catch my attention. It may seem like the easiest to style, but it actually isn’t when the collection is tone-on-tone. I really enjoy matching purple and light green pieces, but when styling tone-on-tone, I consider a lot of factors.

Favorite piece of clothing?
Many different pieces come to mind. Recently, I’ve been enjoying leather pants from ACNE. I wear them almost everyday. I usually have to buy many pairs because it easily get worn out, but the ACNE leather pants I have right now have lasted me for quite a while. The fit of the pants is skinny enough for my style.

Photo from Acne Studios

Favorite go-to designer?
It has always been Alexander Wang for me. Of course, there are many designers who influence me as a stylist—Alessandra Rich, Faustine Steinmetz, and Seen give me inspiration and they influence me heavily. Alexander Wang is my favorite, due to the fact that they always deliver pieces that have strong standards and are stylish at the same time. Just enough power and just enough exposure, Alexander Wang draws the perfect line for me—perfect for my taste.

Favorite shoe?
Shoes that don’t cover my feet too much like sharp heels, and rugged boots
Dr. Martens Vetements

Spring/Summer of Fall/Winter?
I am unconditionally for summer—it’s simpler and there are many nice clothes. Winter clothes are too expensive and I don’t like knitwear touching my body. Plus, the cold is a tremendous pain.
What color do you like wearing?
Black and white or all black. Sometimes I wear nude colored clothes.
Where do you like to shop?
I used to go to this outlet store in Korea a lot, but it’s gone now since they carry Céline, Alexander Wang, Givenchy at 70% off. Now, I shop at Farfetch and Antonio Oli. During sale season, I find good pieces there. Oh yeah, I visit Zara here and there as well.
Shopping in a store or shopping online?
I usually do it online. I don’t really like talking to the workers at the store. I know my exact size, so shopping online is convenient. The only offline shopping I do is at Zara.                                                                                                            
Who’s your style icon?
There are many excellent style icons that are exposed through Instagram and other media platforms. I pay close attention to Sarah Snyder. Her style is based on swimsuits, but I like the cute vibe that she gives.

What inspires you?
I get my inspirations from nature, but not so much looking at it, more on being in it. When I am up in the mountains, I get to a comfort zone where I can mix and match pieces better. I’m not like this everyday but I do enjoy nature. I enjoy watching French movies as well—the actors and actresses, the scenery, the props used in the film, the interior designs, etc. My Instagram account @bluebaybluebay was inspired by the film Betty Blue.

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