These Icons Have Gone Beyond Fashion to Echo the Power of the Filipina

These Icons Have Gone Beyond Fashion to Echo the Power of the Filipina


Inspired by the characters of And Just Like That…, local fashion icons Myrza Sison, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, and Apples Aberin share their journey as they embrace their individuality and empower other women

“It’s the same place, but we’re not in the same place,” said one of the biggest pop culture characters in history, Carrie Bradshaw, when she got back together with Aidan. True enough, the Carrie we knew from HBO’s Sex and the City (SATC) has had some time to grow and change. From experiencing life in her 30s, she, along with her best friends, Charlotte and Miranda, now navigates their 50s in the new series And Just Like That… (AJLT) which just aired its season two finale, and, this just in, just got its renewal for a third season!

In And Just Like That… season two, Carrie finds herself in late adolescence anchored to her old life

Stream this iconic show on HBO GO via PLDT Home and connect with these characters and their beautiful yet ever-evolving life. Inspired by the ladies of And Just Like That…, our very own veteran fashionistas Myrza Sison, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, and Apples Aberin continue to echo the power of women wherever they are in their life as they share their journey of changes and transformations.

Myrza Sison on wielding the power of words

“[I can relate to] Carrie the most. Like her, I’m independent, introspective, curious, adventurous, and creative writer-turned-podcaster who loves passion and life,” Myrza Sison excitedly gushes.

As a woman who has tried on many hats, from being a fashion model to becoming a journalist to turning into an executive coach and motivational speaker, Sison knows what it’s like to be Carrie. With so many interests and so little time, you would think it’s impossible, but for this lady, it’s all about taking a deep breath and trusting herself.

She shares, “Whenever I struggle with controlling the present, worrying about the future or regretting the past, I try to take a deep breath—and just trust myself enough to know that as long as I know what I want and do my best to take the necessary steps to get where I want to go, my life will turn out fine.”

Coming from a completely different background, Sison was an introverted computer programmer with a secret desire to be a fashion model. The transformation was not easy, but it was worth exploring because, as she explains, “modeling taught me how to jump out of my comfort zone to develop courage and confidence.”

But Sison did not stop there. She changed and changed, and with the power of words, the former magazine editor continually empowers women to this day even just within the digital realm.

“I speak from the heart and coach people into awareness to take action.”

Myrza Sison on using her skills to uplift the spirit of others

Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez on always wanting to grow

Hers is a face that you won’t forget. Beautiful, creative, and a role model when it comes to family and career matters, model and TV personality Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez easily saw inspiration from SATC.

“It was one of the defining shows of a generation I belonged to, which especially resonated among women seeking balance in their professional and personal lives,” she shares. “I was then transitioning from singlehood into motherhood, a life change so drastic that left me wondering who and what I was and have eventually become.”

Mirroring the events of And Just Like That… now revolving around the lives of more mature women, de Leon-Gonzalez remains teachable about what she could pick up from shows like this on growth. “When I married, I hung my work bag and stilettos for my new life. Soon after, I was raising a family,” she says.

Progressing amid the demands of parenting, the beauty maven’s yearning for self-development saw her persist to be an entrepreneur. She has since owned jewelry and accessories brand TdLG where she is also a designer. Creating is a passion de Leon-Gonzalez actively cultivates to share herself with others.

By personally conceptualizing, assembling, and testing a piece [from my jewelry brand], I purposefully and lovingly invest myself into each personal item that someone will ultimately wear and keep close to their heart.

Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez on sharing a piece of her to the world

Apples Aberin on persevering through and through

Life happens every day for public relations maven Apples Aberin, who also looks to the women on AJLT for motivation.

“Charlotte returning to work in the art world is brave. She steps out of her comfort zone and dives back to a workplace that’s populated with far younger people with different views and ways of working,” Aberin imparts.

One of SATC’s biggest themes is that it’s ultimately challenging for women to fit society’s expectations. Age also plays a huge factor in these judgments. Yet, to Aberin, there’s no timeline for success. She was first a model, then a magazine editor, and now a PR institution—achieving all these in many years.

“We are all beautifully unique. You can start a new career at 40, fall in love at 50, or even learn a new skill like dancing or painting at 60. Anything goes, and age is not a barrier at all,” she declares.

And when women empower women, they can do just about anything they put their minds to, regardless of age.

“Nothing quite like the love and support of a trusted group of women to help one feel confident and capable.”

Apples Aberin on women supporting other women
Apples Aberin, Myrza Sison, and Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez embody their favorite characters in And Just Like That…

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