Fashion Legend Josie Natori Schools Us On Style And How To Dress Now!

Fashion Legend Josie Natori Schools Us On Style And How To Dress Now!


As fashion legend Josie Natori celebrates her eponymous brand’s 40th anniversary, the designer and businesswoman extraordinaire talks about her personal style rules.

  1. Anything Goes

Josie shares that more and more rules on dressing are becoming obsolete today: “Wear whatever makes you happy; there are no more boundaries, there’s no one way to dress. Mix day and night wear—you can wear absolutely anything.”
 2. It’s More Fun Now

“Find your own personality. Experiment and explore! I myself am not normally a pattern but I realized that the older I get, the more adventurous I am.” Now is truly the time to be brave—you never know; it just might be what you need to elevate your personal style.
3. Dress Apt
“Never forget to dress properly, appropriating your outfit depending on the company and the event,” she shares. When the occasion calls for it, you should be able to strike a balance with your sartorial perspective and the prescribed dress code.
4. When In Doubt, Go Black 

“Black is my go-to color with minimal pops of orange and chartreuse,” the designer tells us. Don’t know what to wear? Black’s timelessly classic appeal will always be universally flattering; let your personality shine through with insertions of colors or textures.
5. Keep it Easy

Comfort is key and fashion isn’t supposed to be difficult: “I like to dress without thinking of anything. I like pieces that are easy to put on, especially when traveling, like a jacket. I love a good jacket.” Opt for versatile and easy pieces that are not only wearable but also long lasting.

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