All The Ways You Can Dress To Look And Feel More Empowered

All The Ways You Can Dress To Look And Feel More Empowered


Dress, look and act the part, sister.

All women are created strong and powerful. While a lot of women are beginning to speak up, there are still some who have yet to discover the strength they’ve been blessed with at birth. One can’t simply impose another woman’s potential to them through a small pep talk. There is a process we all have to follow. To help another lady feel empowered, we’re sharing all the ways dressing and looking help in the process—from one lady to another. Here are styling tips that can help you in looking the part can help a woman be empowered.

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Find A Style Icon

Princess Diana

For someone who hasn’t really completely grasped on her style signature, it’s always best to find a style icon. For me, it’s always going to be Krystal Jung, a South Korean singer/actress. Her style is very laid back but she knows how to dress for any occasion. Considering too that she has a stylist, her own personality always reflects on the way she dresses. She leans more on comfort without sacrificing her sense of style. It’s safe to say that she likes to carry the cool-girl, Parisian aesthetic.

Picking her was not a hard process. I have always found myself admiring her Instagram posts, double tapping with every update. If you’re out to find one, take a look at your Instagram followings and your style icon might also be on that list.

Add Your Own Personality To It

Megan Markle & Bella Hadid
Photos from WPA Pool of Getty Images

Now that you’ve found your style icon, you’re probably thinking, “I should dress like this too!” That’s where you’re getting it all wrong. Icons aren’t people you simply imitate. They should be your inspiration. Just like any form of art, imitating the way someone looks is as bad as plagiarism. There’s no originality to it and you wouldn’t feel like yourself. You will always feel like you’re living in the shadow of someone else. Add a touch of yourself in that newfound sense of style. Say your fashion icon is Princess Diana but you’re a follower of trends. Trade your usual flats and heels for a pair of chunky sneakers that are on-trend to match your regal obsession.

Spot Your Comfort Zone

Hailey Baldwin
Photo from Popsugar

Everybody has a safe place when it comes to dressing up. It can be a pair of light-washed mom jeans, a shirt, and sneakers for some or a flowy dress and flats for others. It’s never wrong to stay there at times. We all get lazy to dress up and these comfort zones will be our safe haven. Comfort is easily at the top of any advice a stylist can give anyone. Once you’ve drawn a circle around it, you’ll know where to begin dressing yourself up—your basics.

Then Step Out Of It

Photo from Racked

Now that you’ve set your comfort zone, it’s time to go beyond it. Bold choices and decisions when it comes to styling can often be beneficial. It leads you to discover something you can incorporate on your look, not to mention give off more of the personality you’re trying to convey. Pick bright and bold colors or go for prints you’ve never done before. Those pieces that you might find unconventional for now might be the next addition to your style staples.

Express Now, Impress Later

Heart Evangelista


A lot of people would tell you this: “live life to express, not to impress”. We do believe that you should express even when it comes to fashion. Show what you’re passionate about just by putting together an ensemble that says just that. Are you a strong, independent woman whose style is inspired by the minority group you belong to? If done right, which we believe you would do, a lot of people can appreciate your sense of style. Impressing others will naturally follow.

Break The Rules

Lady Gaga

Fashion doesn’t even have any rules anymore. A lot of designers have been bending gender roles and challenging norms. To conform to anything will only feel regressive and that’s the last thing we want. An empowered woman breaks the rules set by society and lives life to inspire others to do the same. Society’s standards are products of bent principles established since who-knows-when. The only way to combat a regressive society is to begin the change on yourself. You’ll be surprised how it can inspire other women to do the same.

Dress For Yourself

Kim Cam Jones

At the end of the day, dressing up will always be about yourself and for yourself. The moment you step in those clothes, it’s you who should feel confident and empowered. It’s all for you. You’re not dressing up to impress other people or to be pleasing on other people’s eyes. Clothes are simply everybody’s necessity. How you dress yourself up is later a form of expression. Dress up, dress down, go chic or casual, show some skin or keep it covered—no one is entitled to tell you how you should dress up. It does feel nice to be praised for how you carry yourself but it should only add up to the confidence you already have, not build it from scratch. You do you, girl.

Combining all these styling tips will definitely make you feel more confident in just about anything. To find your own style and not just copy others can make other women see how fashion can generally help in bringing out the confidence you probably didn’t know exists. If it feels good and you believe you look good, go ahead and make the world your very own runway.

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