11 Most Stylish Siblings That Are Worth Following On Instagram Now

11 Most Stylish Siblings That Are Worth Following On Instagram Now


More than seeing a couple look fashionable, we really love seeing stylish siblings parading their own looks on the ‘gram.

If you have a sibling, you know the feeling of growing up with competition—at least sometimes. Nothing unheard of, sibling rivalries will often emerge, but even if that happens there are certain aspects of having one that we love. And for some, fashion would be their common ground. From wearing and sharing dresses, jackets, to accessories, the greatest perk of having a stylish sibling is both of you have access to cool and quirky wardrobe, hence, making yourselves not look like you’re repeating clothes that often.

Now speaking of stylish siblings, we are currently obsessed with some celebrity siblings who are firing our Instagram feeds with to-die-for looks. Whether they’re brothers or sisters, these personalities are your best bet to elevate your style as you cop their looks. Here are eleven siblings that are worth following on the ‘gram.

Vern and Verniece Enciso


One of the OG bloggers turned vloggers in the local fashion scene, Vern and Verniece Enciso has surely catapulted their careers. Now they have their own fragrance brand aptly called V&V, a progression that fully defines their style personalities.

Toni and Alex Gonzaga


While Toni Gonzaga was the first to enter the business of entertainment, Alex Gonzaga made it a point to follow suit. But for the latter’s case, she wonderfully veered away from her sister’s success through what was then uncharted territory of celebrity vlogging. But what we really love about them? It’s undoubtedly their candid selves when they travel wearing the best in style, no less.

Georgina and Jess Wilson



Georgina and Jess Wilson are two brains who complete the team behind the eponymous Sunnies brand. From the sunglasses, specs, and now, beauty, the two have successfully brought Filipino ingenuity to the international scene of the beauty industry. And their fashion sense? Needless to say, we’ve kept tabs on all their lewks to hopefully pull off.

Liz and Laureen Uy


Ah, the Uy sisters. Perhaps it’s safe to say by now that these two know very well what is fashion what is not. As both have already landed on the pages of various international fashion publications due to their ever-stylish looks during fashion week, Liz and Laureen truly deserve to be on this list.

Gabs and Chi Gibbs


What some might not know about Gabs and Chi Gibbs is they’re more than just influencers. Gabs is actually with Sunnies face. And if you really dive through her Instagram page, you know she really has talent when it comes to make-up. On the other hand, Chi has her own swimwear line called Neon Island, which has since become a cult-favorite, collaborating with brands in the process.

Yassi and Issa Pressman


What we love about Yassi and Issa Pressman is that they have the right amount of balance in fashion. Yassi could be on the softer side of the spectrum while Issa is unapologetic with whatever street-ready outfit she would don. Together, they make up a major style duo to take inspiration from.

Anne and Jasmine Curtis-Smith


Ever since she started her career in show business, everyone knew that she would be a star that countless Filipinos would look up to. And much like us, it’s the same for Jasmine Curtis, which is why their style won’t be far from each other: clean, sophisticated, and sometimes daring.

Donny and Hannah Pangilinan



While Donny and Hannah Pangilinan are quite new to the entertainment scene, they have been long making rounds on social media already, especially ze big bro. The best thing about the two aside from donning athleisure looks is they’re not shy to show their (sweet) relationship.

Edward and Laura Barber


If Edward is making waves on the small screen, Laura Barber is making waves on social media. And we’re really impressed to see how the two are impeccably hitting the right style notes wherever they may be—from red carpet premieres, shooting engagements, to even as simple as family trips.

Andre and Kobe Paras


You have a great actor and a great basketball player—what more can we ask? Apart from their good looks, what some neglect is their own sense of fashion when it comes to street style. Whether after taping or basketball match, the two never fails to look fine AF.

James, Lauren, and Jack Reid



James sure has made his mark with millions of followers, but even if that’s the case, he’s never reserved from showing his siblings. We’re pretty sure you are well-acquainted with the two other Reids who are entering the scene fashionably, Lauren and Jack. In fact, the two have already been the face of fashion label Folded & Hung. Unique and unapologetic, the siblings are definitely a one-two-three punch when it comes to fashion where every facet and personality is well realized.

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