Suki Salvador Is Mega Global Licensing Inc.’s New President

Suki Salvador Is Mega Global Licensing Inc.’s New President


Months before launching the biggest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle title in the world, Mega Global Licensing Inc.—Vogue Philippines and Nylon Manila’s publisher—puts an industry leader at its helm.

Suki Salvador, former president of One MEGA Group, Inc., is bound to extend his influence and mastery of business and the arts to a bigger realm of fashion and lifestyle.

Today, Archie G. Carrasco, chairman and chief executive officer of AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC)—the parent company of the MEGA brands—announced the appointment of Salvador as the new president of MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. (MGLI).

MGLI is the publisher of Filipino editions of international brands, like NYLON Manila, and soon, the much-awaited Vogue Philippines.

Carrasco has time and again expressed his utter faith in Salvador’s expertise: “Suki brings his 15 years of experience in publishing from One Mega Group (OMG) to ensure the success of the operations of all the media brands under MEGA Global Licensing.”

Always curious

If there’s one thing that makes Salvador the perfect person to steer MGLI to the right direction, it is his power of observation, one he uses to gain knowledge and good, lasting relationships.

Even as a kid, he would observe the way people spoke, behaved, and reacted to certain situations. “This led me to the conclusion that we are all very different,” he says. “But it also taught me that we are all equally important. I understood the importance of including everyone despite our varied differences.”

By comprehending these differences, he is able to create his distinct point of view as he pursues excellence. “If you have a purpose, a why, and you adhere to that purpose, profit will come,” the business savvy, former creative director says. With him at the forefront of an evolving industry, MGLI will be a force to be reckoned with in fashion and lifestyle.

Spotlight on MGLI

For over 30 years, OMG has elevated the industry by putting together creative and meaningful work that resonates with Filipinos, specially through its homegrown titles. Salvador believes it’s time to push that Filipino essence into the international spotlight.

With the establishment of Nylon Manila—a brand dedicated to the Gen Z lifestyle—in 2020 that vision has slowly come to life. The Vogue Philippines launch in September 2022 will take that vision farther.

“There is an element of discovery that is inherent Nylon Manila and Vogue Philippines,” Salvador muses. The stories in these publications are special, unique, diverse, and aims to delve into important subjects, like sustainability, gender equality, inclusivity, to name a few.

Through his leadership, Salvador hopes to mold these international brands in way that is mindful, purposeful, and adaptable.

Nylon Manila, a digital-first media title, will be a brand consumed through fanzines, printed annuals, and activations, like music festivals, parties, and talks. Vogue Philippines will reimagine fashion through the lens of Filipinos, thereby uplifting the country’s rich culture, diversity, and creativity, and bringing all these to the international stage.

Through these initiatives, not only will the company incite a growing international awareness of Filipino talent, but it will also open opportunities for jobs creation.

Salvador says, “It is my goal for our audience to buy from the Philippines, so that fashion, beauty, design, food, and music will have a contribution to our GDP [gross domestic product] and economic growth rate for years to come.”

Salvador also promises to produce content and creations that break walls, that are inclusive: “MGLI, through Vogue Philippines and Nylon Manila will release daily content that is purposeful, intentional, and beautiful, but more importantly, it will be content that you actually like. It will not be nebulous nor will it be difficult to comprehend. It will be accessible with ease. As a leader, I’ve made it my mission to include everyone and to remove the velvet ropes that separate people. I want to accord everyone an opportunity to be the first in line.”

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