Summer Fashion Staples You Shouldn't Throw Away Just Yet

Summer Fashion Staples You Shouldn't Throw Away Just Yet


Thinking of throwing away a few things from last summer? Here are a few summer fashion staples that won’t go away for the rainy days! If you feel the need to dispose of a few of fashion items you got from summer, you might want to rethink that right now. Some of your summer favorites won’t be going away any time soon. They might just stay in your closet a bit longer than you expected. So to keep you from making that rash decision, we gathered a few summer fashion staples you would still be wearing for the rainy days to come.


Put that beret back on and don’t let the rain keep you from wearing it. Even with the changes in weather, you can still rock this piece with the right outfit to finish it with. Might as well wear it all year round because this classic can make any look classy in an instant.

Prints and Colors
From sundresses to printed shirts—prints and colors will make your gloomy days bright. So even with the absence of the sun, brighten up your days and strut these patterns and colors. Pair them  a faux leather jacket, and a pair of boots and you’ll instantly be drizzle-ready while staying flirty and playful.

Classic Sneakers
We all have that do or die pair that walks with us through rain or shine. And a classic example of this is our favorite pair of Chucks. These sneakers are just wearable no matter the season. It’s comfy and most importantly, it’s okay to get them dirty. So you can wear it even in the rain!

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: denim is timeless. It’s the only trend that will keep on trending no matter the season. And with all the denim trends that emerged in summer, you might just want to keep them for the following days because one will emerge real quick and the summer denim you had might just be of use again.

Chunky Sneakers
These chunky sneakers aren’t just big pairs. They’re actually pretty reliable no matter the weather. Lucky for you, a lot of chunky sneakers are perfect for the rough weather. And even if you didn’t get an all-terrain pair of sneakers, most are still pretty good at withstanding it. So don’t put it away just yet!

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