Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Summer Thirst Quenchers Delivery

Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Summer Thirst Quenchers Delivery


It’s always best to have your favorite summer thirst quenchers delivered right at your doorstep.

The weather is hot and even your AC is starting to give up from the heat. Not to mention, a chunk of cities are out of water supply for weeks and counting. Hot summer days get even more exhausting with all the work piled up on your desk. With your productivity decreasing plus summer thirst quencher cravings at their peak, there’s only one solution: have them delivered at your doorstep.

Ah, the glory of delivery. It’s fast and easy—right at the tip of your fingers and you don’t even have to leave your desk or your bed. So as we share all the best summer thirst quenchers in the metro, we’re including everything that’s available in the food delivery app, Food Panda. Find your choice of thirst quencher on the list below:

Milk Tea & Milkshakes

Milk tea

With the influx of milk tea brands all around the country, there’s always one that’s near you. Go for the classic milk tea or add some extras to change your drink up a bit. Mix it your way and satisfy your cravings with these brands:

Bean Freeze, Chatime, Cha Tuk ChakChemisteaEmoteaFarmacy Ice Cream and Soda FountainHaiya Haiya (One Day) Milk Tea, Gong ChaInfiniteaJeiseun Milk Tea & Frappe, MoonleafMy Girl Milktea,



A cup of coffee a day keeps the mind and body awake. Finding today’s dose of caffeine can be a task in itself. How harder can it be to find a good cup that’s refreshing for hot summer days? Here are the brands that offer coffee delivery via Food Panda:

205 Coffee & Lounge, BO’s Coffee, Cafe Tribu, Coffee Project, Cole & Co.Craft Coffee RevolutionHappy LemonIcelavieiChill Theater CafeKapeTayo CoffeeKujo’s Coffee ShopLiyah Kaffea, Nitro7Olivia & Co.Pop Cartoon CafeSUIL Cafe Han,

Fruit Juices & Teas

Fruit Juices

Nothing beats freshly squeezes fruit juices in the thirst quenchers category. They’re light refreshing and incredibly healthy. These brands offer just that but at the convenience of online delivery!

ChachagoFoodGate CaféI love LemonsJiang Nan HotpotJohnn LemonThe Lemon CentralProJuiceRaw Appeal JuicesSmile To GoTea AmorVampire Penguin



If you’re bummed about not having Postmates to deliver your high-quality alcohol anytime, any day, Food Panda has selected brands that give us just that. If you’re in need of a bottle of wine or a quick tequila sunrise, here are the brands you can go to:

AWC, BarcinoVatos

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