Sun-Kissed Strands: How To Rescue Sun-Damaged Hair With Kim Jones

Sun-Kissed Strands: How To Rescue Sun-Damaged Hair With Kim Jones


You can never keep true island girls away from the beach – this is a cardinal truth well-known by us Filipinas (amen!). Just ask our girl Kim Jones who find solace in drinking up the sun in the best Philippine beaches. If you’re a true beach baby, you’ll have the golden tan to prove it and sun-kissed beach waves as you main MO.
When sun-kissed turns to sun-damaged, reality hits for us girls when it comes to caring for our delicate locks. Our prayers were answered during the #SummerHairExpert event where “it” bloggers told us to have no fear and to book that next trip to the beach. Just keep these 3 Kim-approved tips in mind before basking in the sun!

1. Trim and nourish!

Issue #1: Sun frizzing.
Tip: Fear not the unwanted frizzing from sun exposure and get yourself a new ‘do before hitting the beach. Visit your hairdresser and embrace a new trimmed look to rid yourself of brittle strands and split-ends. Strengthen your trimmed locks by conditioning your hair every after wash.


2. Leave on and weatherproof!

Issue #2: Clumping and drying.
Tip: A trade secret from Kim Jones’ celebrity stylist Suyen Salazar is all about using conditioner as a leave-on serum. Whether you’re diving into a pool or taking a dip in the shore, weatherproof your hair with leave-on conditioner to keep your locks from drying. This tip will also save you from getting pesky clumped pool hair (yay!)

3. Care to condition!

Issue #3: Maintenance and prevention.
Tip: During the most damage-struck season, never scrimp on good conditioner especially when traveling to the beach.  Rescue your hair from the 3 signs of sun-damage, dullness, dryness, and frizz with Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue that not only conditions your hair but works as a hair spa treatment, ensures softness through hot-oil properties, and keeps your ‘do smooth through keratin elements.
Missed out on the summer rescue get-together? Fret not as we give you an insider’s peek on what went down in the Creamsilk Summer Hair Expert afternoon.

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