All The Pretty People At The Sunnies Face Party And Their Fave Fluffmatte Shades

All The Pretty People At The Sunnies Face Party And Their Fave Fluffmatte Shades


The Sunnies Face launch parties were filled with pretty people in pretty shades of Sunnies Face’s Fluffmatte!

From hot reds to peachy nudes, the Sunnies Face Fluffmatte collection was complete with all the colors perfect for any skin tone. And to prove that, celebrities and influencers have gathered at the Sunnies Face launch parties to give us the first look of the collection. With 9 shades available in-store and online, Fluffmatte is complete with the right color for you. Check out all the pretty people who attended the Sunnies Face launch parties and the Fluffmatte shades of their choice!

Kaila Estrada

Influencer Kaila Estrada mixes two shades Baked & Girl Crush to get the perfect shade of Fluffmatte she loves.

Lexi Mendiola

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Hot Sauce is Lexi Mendiola’s Fluffmatte shade of choice!

Christi McGarry

Model, host and DJ Christi McGarry chooses ‘Baked’ and we’re completely in love with it!

Karraminah Del Rosario

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We’re totally crushing on Karraminah Del Rosario as she sports the shades ‘143’ and ‘Girl Crush’.

Kim Cruz

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Kim Cruz is sweet yet sultry in the shade ‘Hot Sauce’!

Chelsea Robato

Take it from Chelsea Robato, ‘Vacay’ & ‘Major’ are the real MVPs of the Fluffmatte collection!

Kara Gozali

‘Milkshake’ is Kara Gozali’s pick and we can totally see why.

Maria Hazel

A picture perfect smile by Maria Hazel in ‘Baked’!

Chi Gibbs and Aira Medina

Fierce in warm Fluffmattes, Chi Gibbs and Aira Medina chooses ‘Baked’ and ‘Hot Sauce’!

Madi Ross

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A perfect match for the barely there look, Madi Ross is into ‘Vacay’.

Mikki Galang

Fierce and experimental, Mikki Galang combines ‘Major’ and ‘Mood’.

Say Tioco

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Perfect for her fearless look, Say Tioco stuns in the shade ‘Major’!

Jessica Uy-Godinez

Is there any look she can’t pull off? We’re loving ‘Hot Sauce’ in Jessica Kristine Uy-Godinez!

Bubbles Paraiso

Lounging at the Sunnies Face launch party is Bubbles Paraiso as she wears Fluffmatte in the shade of ‘Baked’!

Ruffa Gutierrez

Peachy nude it is for Ruffa Gutierrez as she rocks ‘Vacay’!

Loving the shades yet? Which one’s your favorite Fluffmatte?

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