Local Brand Celebrates Their 10th Year With Their New Flagship Store

Local Brand Celebrates Their 10th Year With Their New Flagship Store


Sunnies Studios co-founders Georgina Wilson and Bea Soriano-Dee welcomes their flagship store in Glorietta

Back in 2013, the local eyewear scene was introduced with a new line of sunglasses designed by Sunnies Studios. Despite being new to the game, the brand grew exponentially over the course of a few months and has established quite a reputation over the years. Now that they have expanded the business with various products, it was only fitting to see them go back to their roots to honor their humble beginnings and to celebrate a milestone.  

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georgina wilson sunnies studios

True enough, the Sunnies team made a sentimental decision to have their flagship store located in Glorietta, the mall that housed the brand’s many firsts. What was once a space that could only hold a small group of people has now expanded to a store that holds Sunnies’ various services we’ve all grown to love. One of the co-founders, Eric Dee Jr., expressed, “It had a lot of firsts and grew as the brand grew, slowly expanding through the years as spaces surrounding it opened one by one. It was the perfect homecoming, 10 years in the making.” 

sunnies studios interior

It was definitely a joyous celebration when they opened Sunnies Fun House last Friday alongside influencers and personalities that have become close friends of the brand. We were able to see the growth of the brand as we toured around the space—an impressive development Sunnies Studios was able to showcase as the years went by. From having their first line of sunglasses in 2013 to diversifying their services to optical eyewear, beauty with Sunnies Face, and a beverage line that they turned into Sunnies Coffee, the brand really did nothing but grow.

georgina wilson bea soriano dee sunnies studios

The new space perfectly encapsulated the playful yet sophisticated identity they established over the years. Neutral hues painted the walls and light brown colors were utilized for built-in furniture. Meanwhile, pops of color were used as accents as seen on the couches and chairs—a detail that brought the store to life. To top off the interior, a silver finished design was used for Sunnies Coffee, which took the center spot of the store. The blend of Scandinavian and futuristic interior was unexpected, but was executed elegantly by the brand.

sunnies studios interior

“We came up with the Sunnies Fun House not only to elevate the shopping experience, but to [also] activate people’s innate curiosity, creativity, and sense of humor. At Sunnies, there’s always room for play.”

Kristine Dabbay, Sunnies’ Creative Director

Keep in mind that the store holds their line of eyewear and sunglasses, as well as their optical services. Their range of eyewear designs are displayed on the tables and the walls, making it easy for everyone to spot a new pair of specs. And if you’re looking for functional pieces, they offer their signature eye exams that can give you your glasses in less than an hour. 


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