Super Moves: Who is Louis Vuitton Menswear Guest Designer Colm Dillane?

Super Moves: Who is Louis Vuitton Menswear Guest Designer Colm Dillane?


While nothing is final, Louis Vuitton has tapped its first menswear collection designer since Virgil Abloh’s unexpected passing in 2021 

Losing a generational talent is always a difficult adversity to rebound from. In the case of Louis Vuitton, it was the legendary Off-White founder and their menswear Artistic Director Virgil Abloh, who succumbed to cancer in 2021. 

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Two years after that tragic loss, no one has replaced Abloh yet within Louis Vuitton. Unsurprising, considering the talent and limitless potential he once possessed, and the number of iconic projects he brought forth upon us. To follow in his footsteps is no easy feat, especially with the highs he has reached in this lifetime.  

Photo Credit: @virgilabloh (via Instagram)

As the wait continues, development came in on January 10 this year. In a surprise move, the fashion house revealed that KidSuper founder Colm Dillane was to guest-design their Fall/Winter collection, a first in their history. However, nothing is sealed yet, and we will have to wait on whether Dillane is an Abloh placeholder or his full-time successor. 

For now, just who exactly is this Colm Dillane that’s set to be Louis Vuitton’s first-ever guest designer? 

The Brooklyn baby

The name Colm Dillane and KidSuper might not fully resonate just yet, and that’s understandable. Based in Brooklyn, he had been designing clothes since his high school days. During this time, he and his friends attempted to sell their shirts in their local high school, only to be met by internal disputes. 

After high school came the earliest traces of KidSuper. This was co-signed by the late Mac Miller, who at the time, was only about to release his debut album, Blue Slide Park. In Dillane’s Instagram tribute to Miller, he revealed that the album led to the late rapper being bannered on iTunes with a floral hat from KidSuper that gave the brand its first major exposure. 

Although KidSuper eventually garnered more co-signs late into the 2010s, fashion virality didn’t arrive until 2020. At the height of the pandemic, Dillane presented his then-Spring/Summer 2021 collection through a stop-motion film showcasing modified Barbie dolls that featured a hodgepodge of real-world personalities. This unique show born from Dillane’s experience in multimedia art became a major catalyst for an LVMH Prize nomination. 

From there, it was no way but up. Dillane went on to win the Karl Lagerfeld prize from the LVMH Prize in 2021 and was nominated for American Emerging Designer of the Year in 2022 by CFDA. Between 2020 to last year were also two collaborations with Puma, the Mexican beer Modelo, and Japanese footwear brand Suicoke. On an individual level, he also had his first traditional and mainline Paris Fashion Week with his Fall/Winter 2022 collection, complete with a star-studded collection film. 

What childlike wonder does

KidSuper as a brand is built on childlike wonder, akin to the endless stream of one’s imaginative nature growing up. As it’s described on Dillane’s LinkedIn profile, it was born from childhood memories where one was convinced of their superpowers with nobody capable of giving a reality check. 

It’s easy to spot this within their pieces. Youthful tones and bold graphics infused with artistic motifs are the core designs for KidSuper pieces. With Dillane’s penchant for the arts as well, this is translated seamlessly into the childlike vision. 

Additionally, his execution of certain collections, such as the aforementioned ones, or his Spring/Summer 2022 lookbook, involved asking 300 people the title of the collection, What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? 

Ever since KidSuper was skyrocketed into fashion virality, momentum still remains. Their Instagram page shows its still-impressive clientele, which includes some of the biggest athletes, celebrities, and hip-hop artists. 

Now, a vision that started from Dillane’s high school days has reached its highest point to date, being a collaborator for one of the biggest luxury brands out there. While a lot of things remain to be unseen, making it to this point has to be a win nonetheless for the man known as Colm Dillane and his brand, KidSuper. 

Featured Image and Photos from KIDSUPER (via Instagram)

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